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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Real life with my boys

I LOVE this picture... 
it's framed on the wall in our hall bathroom.

But let's be honest here... 

The boys and I were looking through pictures on the computer tonight and there was actually a bunch of little thumbnails that looked similar so we opened them all.  

And here is what a bathtub photo session from a couple months back in our house REALLY looks like.

{So cute, but Sam's eyes are closed...}

{Yay Sam, but now Jake's eyes are closed...}

{Sweet moment, but they seem to have forgotten about the camera for a minute here...}

{Don't worry Mom, we're back...}

And that my friends is what REALLY happens.  

I love that 1st picture because they're all looking and smiling, but seeing this whole series of pictures together tells the real story... the story of real life.  

It's not always a perfect picture, 
but I wouldn't change a thing.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Activity Room Reveal

We're still in between two homes and sometimes I feel like nothing is getting accomplished because we're too busy running back and forth between the two places.  

But then I stop and think about it... and I realize that we've done a lot in a short time with three little boys, two homes, one full-time job... all while it's summertime in one of the most FUN places ever {which means that we stop what we're doing every 5 minutes to head out to the pool, the zoo, the beach, or whatever fun place that we think of}.  Plus we've had a few rounds of company already... so really we're packing in the summer fun AND getting things done!  

Or at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself of in this blog post :)

While I still haven't had a chance to get anything up on the walls in this room, it still has made major progress and I couldn't wait any longer to share it with you!  It's one big room that we're using for our boys' "Activity Room" {art, coloring, reading, tv, relaxing, etc.} along with my "Craft Corner" in the other side of the room... more on that SOON!

Here is what the "Activity Room" looks like now... curtains have been re-hung & sewed to length {more on our free curtain makeover coming shortly}, new activity table and easel, repurposed "craft" cans {aka, old formula cans}, updated ceiling fans... 

I hot glued burlap on Luke's old formula cans, lined the top and bottom with ribbon, and attached chalkboard labels.  They now hold art supplies in the Activity Area.

Updated ceiling fans {kind of a bad picture because it was on... humid day in San Diego!}

{This is the old fan... circa 1980}

Sometimes the idea in my head doesn't quite work out.  Here's an example.... we thought we could nicely fit all of their toys in this room.

But that was clearly NOT going to work!

The toys have a new home in the bedroom and this room is dedicated to reading, creating, crafting, and relaxing.  

It's totally crying out for something on the walls and some pillows on the couch, but major progress has been made, right?  You could barely see the couch a few weeks ago... ugh.  More pictures shortly... I'll be sharing details on my free curtain re-do and some fun stuff on the walls :)  And Craft Corners pictures too! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

The House that Built Me: week 2

If anyone is keeping track, 
you'll know that I said I was starting a new Monday morning post 

The House that Built Me

every Monday morning.  And last Monday I didn't... because last Monday was our BIG move day there.  And I couldn't find my phone charger, diapers for Luke, or my mind!  This weekend we moved almost all of the rest of our stuff there and I'm now officially

and sooooo ready for the last five days of Kindergarten to freeze AND fly by all at once.

In other words, I'm kind of a bit of a wreck here :)  
But through all of this tangle of emotions, one thing is for sure...  
I am happy 
that The House that Built Me will be 
building these three beautiful boys as well.

{They are laying on the floor where our family room couch used to be!}

Monday, May 23, 2011

The House That Built Me...

I've been so busy lately and away from Gallamore West way more than I'd like to be.  I had gotten into such a groove with this blog and had a growing list of things to post on here, but sometimes life gets in the way.  

We're moving and SOON, and I'm spending all my time...

packing boxes, 
driving back and forth 
from the "old" house to the "new" house 
{but that's a pretty confusing way to describe it since the "old" house is new and the "new" house is old} 
dr. appointments for the boys, 
and lots of painting & prepping 

I want to document things as I go, so I'm excited to be starting a new Monday morning series here on Gallamore West,

The House that Built Me

But first, a BIG thank you everyone who voted for Luke in the Dough-a-Deer/Smetona Photo contest... he WON and I'm sooo excited!  My head is spinning with ideas for his 1st Birthday Party in October.  I'm super excited about the theme I've chosen and can't wait to share it all with you {although I'm pretty sure he was born like yesterday, so it makes me a little sad to talk about my baby turning 1 already!}

Second, our new pediatrician in San Diego referred Luke to a Physical Therapist because of a slight flatness on one side of the back of his head.  I was so anxious to go to the appointment this past Friday morning, but it went really well.  The physical therapist was wonderful.   She's a Mom with kids the exact same ages of ours.  She got on the floor to play with Luke, saw how strong and age appropriate his strength/movements are, and gave me some great tips and exercises to do at home with him to stretch his neck muscles which in time will hopefully help improve the shape of his head.  I'll do anything that I need to do for my boys, and I told myself that if he needed helmet therapy I would cry for a day, then get over it and just do it, but after our 1st physical therapy appointment, I feel at ease knowing that our exercises should be sufficient.

Sooo, back to our upcoming move...  
it's a move that is bittersweet 
and oh, soooo sweet all at the same time. 

We're moving away from some of the nicest, most amazing friends I have, but back to where I've always wanted to be= San Diego! 

We are moving here:

That's me when I was sixteen {and oh, how I miss that waist!  And those skinny arms that I thought were SO fat}.  
That's right... we're moving to 
The House That Built Me 
{Miranda Lambert fans?  I loooove that song}

For the past few weeks {kind of months really} I've been packing boxes, making trips to San Diego with the boys, and doing some prep work there.  I cannot WAIT to show you some amazing before & after pictures soon!

Let's just start off with this "before" photo... actually an "in the works" photo.  So bummed I didn't get a before of this beauty... just imagine a BRIGHT ORANGE stripe all around the middle of the room.

or how about this one?  Some of you know how I love a good laundry room/area transformation... I'm SO excited to be working on this!

Ohhhh yeah, this is going to be GOOD!  I can't wait to finish these projects and show you the "after" pictures. Transforming things on a shoestring budget is something I never envisioned I would be doing {I'm a former "brand new house" kind of girl} but it's something that I'm surprisingly excited about and I can't wait to share it all with you!


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