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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stenciled Burlap Pillow with DecoArt Paints and Stencils

Whoosh!  The end of summer flew by and I've been out and about having tons of fun with our boys.  Our older two boys started Back to School today {sniffle, sniffle... but also, the return to routine will be nice}.  

And I'll have more time for blogging again... yay!

I did manage to sneak in a project last week that I've been wanting to do forever... I stenciled a "G" for our last name along with some polka dots on this little burlap pillow.  I love this little pillow because it was the 1st thing I ever sewed, and also because I love burlap.

Now with its cute, simple monogram using DecoArt's stencils and paints, it really takes center stage and adds a bit of character to an otherwise pretty boring {although gorgeous} antique church pew.  I adore this church pew and even though I'm pretty big on painting over wood these days, I guarantee that this beauty will NEVER be painted over.  I like to keep just a few simple pillows on it so I'm loving how the stenciled burlap adds a little charm to this special spot in our home.

Supplies needed:

Foam paint brush
Tape to hold stencil in place
Americana 5" Stencil Font Alphabet
Americana Stencil Polka Dots
Americana Acrylic Paint {by DecoArt} in Antique Teal
Americana Acrylic Paint {by DecoArt} in Light Buttermilk
Americana Acrylic Paint {by DecoArt} in Sea Glass
{Sea Glass is my favorite paint color-  I just up-cycled an old frame to a chalkboard with Sea Glass and I LOVE it.}

This supply is optional, but definitely adds to the excitement of the project: a cute little helper!

It was about a 10 minute project- I just taped down my stencil and got to painting!

Once the G was dry, I stenciled on the polka dots, let it dry for a few minutes, and watched it instantly add a touch of charm to our family room.  

Thank you, DecoArt for the fabulous products!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Up-Cycled Chalkboard with DecoArt paints

Quick, easy, budget friendly, a favorite new paint color... I'm super excited about how this project came out!

I took an old ugly picture in a frame that a neighbor who was moving gave me for FREE...

I pulled out the artwork and painted the frame in my favorite new to me color, Americana Acrylic Paint in Sea Glass, by DecoArt.  I love the shabby, distressed look that I was getting on my first coat, so I decided to leave it with just one coat.  I love how the old, tattered frame shows through.

Then I flipped over the artwork and I gave the backside of the artwork a coat of Americana Black Slate Chalkboard Paint, also by DecoArt, popped the flipped over artwork back in the painted frame and... wa-la, an adorable new chalkboard for our home!

I hung it up in our Sun Room with my Beachy Burlap Wreath on it and loved how it looked there.

Also, because I've loved seeing some gorgeous, scrappy fabric garlands lately {like these with tutorials to make your own from Little Miss Momma's and Mom's Busy Crafting} I pulled out some of my favorite fabric scraps and tied together a quick fabric garland.  

Then I took it to our bedroom, wrote something cute and simple on it {my chalkboard writing skills leave much to be desired!} and hung it on the wall there.

Eventually I think it will make it's way to the kitchen for a special occasion Menu Board.

This project took about an hour start to finish, and I'm thrilled with the end result.  I'll definitely be using Sea Glass Acrylic Paint {Americana by DecoArt} a lot around our house now.  It's such a beautiful, warm color that adds that perfect POP of color without being too bright for me.

Thank you DecoArt for the crafting supplies!  For more craft ideas, visit DecoArt online...


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