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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shamrock Burlap Treat Bags

Good Morning, Friends!  Today is a super exciting day for me because I'm sharing my first post as a blog contributor at my favorite blog, Tatertots & Jello.   Tatertots & Jello has long been my favorite blog and Jen is so incredibly talented.  As much as I'm trying not to geek out over it, clearly I kind of am.   It's a huge blog dream of mine come true.  And if you're stopping by from Tatertots & Jello... welcome!  I am so, so glad that you are here.  

Today I'm sharing my Shamrock Burlap Treat Bags with you here- perfect for wrapping up one of my Double Mint Layered Brownies that I'm sharing the recipe for over at Tatertots & Jello today!

They are so easy to decorate, with or without a fancy cutter machine.  I used my Silhouette to cut a shamrock onto freezer paper but if you don't have a cutting machine you could just trace a shamrock cookie cutter onto freezer paper then cut it out making sure that you need the outline of the shape not the actual shamrock shape itself.  

Then I ironed on the outline of the shamrock onto the middle of each burlap bag.  I always slip a scrap of cardstock paper into the bag before painting because burlap is so porous and I don't want the paint to soak through to the backside of the bag.  {Bags are from Pick Your Plum

Then I just painted in the middle part of the shamrock, let it dry a bit, and pulled out the scrap of card stock paper.  It's a quick 10 minute project and you've got yourself an adorable little Shamrock Burlap Treat Bag to fill with my Double Mint Layered Brownies.  

Head over to Tatertots & Jello today for the recipe! 

Looking for more St. Patrick's Day ideas?

And here's a really old post, 
but I still love these Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats:

Clearly I have a thing for sweets and burlap.  Oh, and I also have a thing for Instagram & I'd love to be friends with you there!


Friday, March 7, 2014

No-Sew Burlap Garden Flag

I'm addicted to making these No-Sew Burlap Garden Flags because they are SO easy to make and they're a quick, affordable way to give our home a cute little finishing touch to greet visitors as they walk up to our porch.  Here's our Shamrock No-Sew Burlap Garden Flag that I recently made.  It took about 10 minutes total, and the supplies are minimal too.

  • Piece of burlap (11 inches wide x 15 inches long)
  • Piece of ribbon to embellish
  • Paint/foam brush
  • Freezer paper
  • Iron
  • Hot glue gun

Here's how to make your own:

1) Cut your burlap.  My garden flag hanger looks best with an 11x13" flag, so I cut my piece of burlap to 11 x 15 inches so I have room to make a pocket to hang it.

 2) Fold 2 inches of your flag back to make a little pocket to hang it from.  Use hot glue to glue down the 2 inch pocket flap.

3) Cut your stencil that you want to put on your flag.  I used my Silhouette, but if you don't have a cutting machine, you can just print out the image on your computer, trace it onto freezer paper, then cut out the freezer paper.  You'll want the outline of the image, not the actual image... like this below.

4) Iron on your freezer paper.

5) Paint your design and allow it to dry.

6) Embellish your flag with ribbon.

Hang it and enjoy!  Have a great weekend friends.  I'm linking up to Tatertots & Jello.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Burlap Bag Treats!

Looking for a sweet, simple and adorable Thanksgiving idea to show someone you're thankful for them?  

These are the perfect Thanksgiving treat to be used as a small gift for your child's teacher, your friends, neighbors... anyone! 

Here's the supplies I used:

Pick Your Plum burlap bags
Americana Acrylic Paint {color= Tangelo}
Round Dot paint brush 
Trader Joe's Maple Leaf Cookies {YUM!}
Paper cutter, scissors, hole punch

I used adorable Classy Thanksgiving printables by Lauren McKinsey for the perfect finishing touch to this little Thanksgiving Burlap Bag Treat.  For a short time, you can download the coordinating mason jar tag.  Or you can buy the entire set of Classy Thanksgiving printables.  Lauren McKinsey printables are my favorite go-to printables because they are affordable, adorable, and they download instantly after you buy them!

First, make sure you put a bit of scratch paper inside the burlap bag so the paint from dot brush doesn't go through to the other side of the bag or onto your surface.

Dot on some polka dots with your paint, and once it's pretty much dry pull out the papers so they don't stick inside the bags.

I put 3 cookies in each burlap bag, 

but first I wrapped them in a little cellophane bag tied with baker's twine.  These Trader Joe's Maple Leaf Cookies are the perfect treat because they scream FALL! to me, they are delicious, made with better ingredients than most cookies, and they are so, so cute!

And in about 5 minutes, you have some adorable Thanksgiving Burlap Bag Treats to hand out to some of your favorite people.  ENJOY! xoxo

p.s.  I didn't mean to be away from my blog for a couple of weeks... yikes!  Between Team Mom duties for the end of soccer season for 2 of our boys, Room Mom duties for 2 of our boys, a birthday for one of our boys and another one next week...  I was drowning and now I'm trying to catch up on life and laundry over here :)  But I'll be back soon with some fun Fall Crafts for Kids, Luke's Birthday Party pictures, Soccer Party ideas and MORE... soon! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stenciled Burlap Pillow with DecoArt Paints and Stencils

Whoosh!  The end of summer flew by and I've been out and about having tons of fun with our boys.  Our older two boys started Back to School today {sniffle, sniffle... but also, the return to routine will be nice}.  

And I'll have more time for blogging again... yay!

I did manage to sneak in a project last week that I've been wanting to do forever... I stenciled a "G" for our last name along with some polka dots on this little burlap pillow.  I love this little pillow because it was the 1st thing I ever sewed, and also because I love burlap.

Now with its cute, simple monogram using DecoArt's stencils and paints, it really takes center stage and adds a bit of character to an otherwise pretty boring {although gorgeous} antique church pew.  I adore this church pew and even though I'm pretty big on painting over wood these days, I guarantee that this beauty will NEVER be painted over.  I like to keep just a few simple pillows on it so I'm loving how the stenciled burlap adds a little charm to this special spot in our home.

Supplies needed:

Foam paint brush
Tape to hold stencil in place
Americana 5" Stencil Font Alphabet
Americana Stencil Polka Dots
Americana Acrylic Paint {by DecoArt} in Antique Teal
Americana Acrylic Paint {by DecoArt} in Light Buttermilk
Americana Acrylic Paint {by DecoArt} in Sea Glass
{Sea Glass is my favorite paint color-  I just up-cycled an old frame to a chalkboard with Sea Glass and I LOVE it.}

This supply is optional, but definitely adds to the excitement of the project: a cute little helper!

It was about a 10 minute project- I just taped down my stencil and got to painting!

Once the G was dry, I stenciled on the polka dots, let it dry for a few minutes, and watched it instantly add a touch of charm to our family room.  

Thank you, DecoArt for the fabulous products!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rustic Snow Day Porch

Does it snow where you live?  
If so, I'm sending our boys to come visit you!

We live in San Diego, so while we have dreams of a White Christmas, the reality is that it was a clear and sunny day with a temperature of 85 degrees outside while I was setting up our Snow Day Winter Porch!  

Our boys LOVE the snow though, so I set up a pretend winter "Snow Day" scene, all inspired by this vintage Flexible Flyer sled that my Grandma had stored in the basement here {Dear Grandma, do you read my blog?  If so, I promise that the boys aren't touching it and I'm taking really good care of it!} 

Who doesn't love a piping hot mug of hot chocolate after a day of sledding or ice skating?

I made that "Keep Calm and Drink Hot Chocolate" Printable myself.  I've had those cute snowmen for years {from Target after Christmas clearance} along with everything else on the table, except for that cute red mug.  I got that last week with a Starbucks gift card in it as a thank you for being Soccer Team Mom.  I thought it looked perfect here on the porch... pretty soon I'm going to fill it with hot chocolate on a cold morning and enjoy it right there on the porch :)

Do you remember those big burlap Halloween pillows that I was SO excited about because they were huge and awesome, and only $4.99 each at Ross?  Well, they are now super awesome because all I did is flip them over and made them into Christmas pillows by making and painting a freezer stencil {using my Silhouette} on the backside!  If you've never made a freezer stencil, click here for step by step instructions.  I LOVE freezer stenciling!

And the red & white baker's twine on the ice skates on this pillow is one of my favorite little details on our "Snow Day" porch...

You all know how much I LOVE burlap wreaths, right?  I fell in love with this white burlap recently and knew I wanted a white burlap wreath on our door this winter.  I added on some pine cone decorations and ribbon that I already had on hand, and painted a few details and added baker's twine on this formerly all white sled ornament.  

I've had this cute snowman stake decoration for so many years I can't remember where I got it {although considering my shopping habits, it's pretty safe to say that he probably came from after Christmas shopping at Target!} and he fit in perfectly with our Rustic Snow Day Porch. 

I tied it all together with a really rustic {hand-cut, no-sew} burlap banner with red & white baker's twine and mini clothespins.  I made freezer stencils to spell out "Snow Day" and hot glued on a cute teeny tiny red mitten on each end.

So while some of you scrape the snow off of your car's windshield and curse the snow as you drive through it this winter, just remember that some of us trapped under sunny skies and 80 degree weather would gladly trade places with you in your Winter Wonderland... well, maybe for a day or two! :)  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Burlap & Broomsticks Front Porch!

Halloween is coming up so quickly!  This year I decided to decorate the porch with a "Burlap and Broomsticks" theme.  I think it's my boys favorite night of the year, so some of our porch decorations have been up since probably the end of August {sorry, neighbors!} but I'm so glad to finally be sharing my Burlap & Broomsticks Front Porch with you :)
The entire theme for this year's porch decorations was inspired by the cute free printable from The Diary of Dave's Wife pictured below.  When I saw it on Facebook, I immediately printed it out and shared the link on my Gallamore West Facebook page too.   And when I saw all of the fun twig-like brooms at Target, I knew exactly what I'd be doing with them. 

And the burlap additions to the decor... well that's just my thing :)  I LOVE crafting with burlap!  I was so excited when I found black and orange burlap at Jo Ann's, and I knew I had to incorporate it into our porch decorations.   I used this black boa {that I had used in previous years as a mantle decoration} and attached it across our front window.  I originally wanted that piece of black/white ribbon with the orange burlap ties to hang above the black boa, but when it fell on top of the boa I loved how it looked so there it stayed. 

The Happy Halloween banner is from Target.  I think it was a total steal at $4... it is thick, glittered, durable and I couldn't have made one myself for that little money.  Yay, Target!  I might as well just hand in my wallet when I walk in the door... it's ridiculous how much I love that store.

 I made a similar wreath to this one currently on our front door as a giveaway last month.  Out of over a thousand entries on Rafflecopter, one of my sweet friends won it {yay, Tanya!} and I really liked it so I decided to make myself one too.  Hers was fancier because I got a little lazy on mine. 

Here's a picture of the original 
"Beware of little monsters" wreath...

One of my greatest bargain finds -you know the kind when you literally squeal out loud because you not only love the item, but you love the price too- was those two burlap pillows.  They were a steal at $4.99 each at Ross!  Plus they are burlap {love}, plus they came with the pillow form {economical}, AND they are blank on the back side so I plan on stenciling something for Thanksgiving on the back side {brilliant}!

The pictures don't quite do the hanging brooms justice {wonky afternoon sunlight was getting in my way!} but there are actually 4 brooms hanging from the porch as you walk up.  They totally creep me out when I'm in the house and the wind makes them sway.  I think someone is standing on my porch watching me every time.  


So even though it looks like a "cute" Halloween porch, 
it still manages to spook me :)

Are you ready for Halloween?

Go here for my post on lunch, dinner, 
and dessert ideas for Halloween!

What are your kids dressing up as?

What kind of candy are you handing out?!?! 
I still need to buy ours {if I buy it too early, I will eat it all myself!}

Although honestly, we don't really get any Trick or Treaters so I'll be eating it all myself anyway :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Upcycled Summer Sign!

Guess what... I'm still alive!

I'm pretty much buried in baby bottles, diapers, and all that stuff.  Sometimes it's hard for me to really love moments that I'm in when it involves changing yet another dirty diaper, but then I look at my older boys and realize how quickly life goes, and how blessed I am.  And then I cry some "I just had a baby and I cry at everything" tears and appreciate the fact that my baby is here and healthy.  And that in the blink of an eye, he will be past this precious newborn stage.  And I don't want to miss a second of it, even the diapering part.  Well, maybe a little bit of the diapering part :)

Despite all the baby stuff going on here, I've been dying to craft.  With a budget of zero and no time/energy/money to head out to buy supplies, I decided to get creative and upcycle a really, really old whiteboard sign that was destined for the trash into this: 

Every day when I walk out to the garage, I was greeted by this... what the heck?  

Not exactly a cheery greeting, right?  An old whiteboard- so old that it was impossible to get all the old writing off of it.  With a little bit of craft paint, a piece of my favorite crafting supply- burlap, ribbon, twine, a clothespin, and a cute free summer printable from {everything those sisters create is adorable, right?} our view when we walk out to the garage is now this.

What a difference, right?  I'm pretty pleased with this quick and easy {and free} project.  Hope you're having a sunny weekend! xoxo

Monday, January 23, 2012

Red Burlap Bubble Wreath

I love making wreaths, especially with burlap.  It's like therapy for me somehow.  So when I found RED burlap recently, I was thrilled and quickly made two red Valentine's Day wreaths that same day I bought the burlap.  

I kind of ran out of burlap on this one because I still need to add some "bubbles" on the sides, but I couldn't wait any longer to show it to you, so here she is... my version of a Bubble Burlap Wreath! 
Hopefully will make it back to Jo Ann's to buy more soon 
{raise your hand if you wish Target sold more craft supplies... 2 hands up here!}  
My inspiration came from this bubble burlap wreath from Today's Fabulous Finds that's been around blog land and pinned a gazillion times, so I searched for the tutorial and followed it.  

For mine, I added a little pennant banner on kraft card stock glued on to jute that says "LOVE"   

  The font is Circus, a free download on  {Every time I type dafont, I think it should be called daBOMB... even though I don't actually say that, I think is really just THAT cool.}   

Oh, and here's the burlap wreath that started my burlap wreath obsession {cute boy's head not included}.  

And here is that same original one dressed up for Jake's Red Scooter Birthday Party.  I saw it pinned as a "4th of July wreath" and that got my wheels spinning on all the different ways I could use this baby!

And here's another one that I added seashells to for our Beachy Sun Room.   

See what I mean?  I love making these little cuties.  I love when I find other bloggers that love making them too!  We should start a burlap support group :)

Love is in the air here with RED burlap wreaths,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My free Bon Appetit Burlap Art {and free curtains too!}

Ever since watching the movie Julie & Julia a couple of years ago, 
I've had this thing for the saying:
Bon Appetit

Whether it's a fancy dinner {oh wait, that doesn't really ever happen here}.  So whether it's a real dinner with the table set for our family of five, or a quick quesadilla on a paper plate, I love saying

Bon Appepit!

as we sit down to eat.  I say it in my best Julia Child's voice {reeeeeally high and chirpy} of course.  The boys giggle like crazy, and I love it.

So I knew when we moved here that I had to have that saying in our dining room.  With a budget of pretty close to ZERO dollars for decorating, I'm thrilled with how well I've been able to "shop the house" and repurpose things I already have on hand.  

I've had my eye on this for a re-do for a while... 

It was originally a Christmas gift from my sweet little sister, Kari, years ago.  And it was adorable and well-loved.  But after years in the boys room, when we moved here it looked like this.  Pictures falling and tacks missing...

Time for a makeover... yes!!

So I pulled off the fabric, ribbon, and tacks and saw that my sister is a GENIUS because she made that photo board with a piece of drywall!

I put a big beautiful piece burlap on top of the drywall {because it's what I use for just about everything these days.  Poor hubs just might find his bathroom towel replaced with burlap at any moment... ha!}

I cut the burlap just about an inch and a half or so too big all the way around the drywall, ironed it to get the wrinkles out...

and attached the burlap to the drywall with spray adhesive from Michael's {it's my new bff}.

Then I used Pinky, my little glue gun, to glue down the burlap on the backside.

And then it looked like this...

  This metal fork and spoon were great at our old house, but didn't have a home here so  I tied a little yellow ribbon on them and hung them on the board with some of the tacks from the original photo board.

Then I used my new Silhouette 
{hello, I loooooove you Silhouette!}
to cut these freezer paper stencils.

And I painted them black.

The fork and spoon were a bit scratched, 
so I pulled out my new friend...

and gave them a quick, shiny "Black Coffee" makeover.  

I also roughed up the edges of the burlap by rubbing some of it on the edges.

I am LOVING the final product!  And especially loving the price tag... {freeeee!}  I had every single element of this project on hand... 

= love.

See those white curtains below?  Those were free too!  
Left by the people who lived here before 
{but hung really high and not my style}  

I washed them, had the hubs rehang the curtain rods straight, cut off the metal grommets, re-sewed them to length, and tied them back with scraps of burlap.  And now I love them... plus we have three rooms that go across the front of the house so there are three sets of them.  

All for free!   

I'm loving our dining room wall art and our three sets of {free} curtains.  I'm a reformed Pottery Barn/Z Gallerie shopper and I've learned that it's MUCH more rewarding to make it yourself {for next to nothing, or even totally free!} than to fork out a bunch of money for something mass produced.  

It may be taking A LOT a bit longer than I wanted it to take to show you what I've been up to around here, but it's all worth it in my mind because it's more meaningful and done on a tight budget.  

I have so many projects going on here... I can't wait to finish them up and show them to you.  Ohhh, and there is exciting stuff going on at Gallamore West on Facebook too!!  When it hits 300 fans {getting sooo close} I've partnered up with an adorable Etsy shop owner for one of my Facebook fans to have the chance to win one of these!!  

I have one hanging in my dining room and I LOVE it!  So, if you don't already "like" Gallamore West on Facebook, I would love it if you did.  And if you do already, I would love it if you would send your friends.  I'm super excited for this giveaway! :)

  I'm linking up my Bon Appetit Burlap Wall Art to 
Todays Creative Blog 
and some of my favorite link parties!


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