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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Democracy for Dinner!

Happy 2012!!!  
I'm so thankful for each of you who follow this blog, leave sweet comments, and make my day all the time :)  I'm excited for all that 2012 has in store... most importantly the upcoming arrival of our fourth and final baby boy!  And here is something I am super excited about too..
* * *

Democracy for Dinner was by far one of my most favorite things I've done with my boys.  On Election Day in 2008, I made a Special Election Ballot for my then two little guys to vote on what they wanted to eat and drink for dinner while watching the election results.  

Even though they were super young, my then 3 year old has remembered who our President is ever since that dinner, and he learned a little about the election process while having so much fun! 

Since the opportunity to do this only presents itself once every four years, I'm showing it to you nice and early in this Presidential Election year!

First we decorated a little for the special day...

I made a Special Election Ballot with two choices for each category: main dish, vegetable, drink and dessert.

Sam got to vote for one in each category, except for the dessert category where both "candidates" were voted into our bellies :)

Here is his completed ballot...

Excuse the blurry old picture... once his selections were made, he got a special "I voted" sticker {oh, and how cute is it that he chose to dress in his "Daddy work clothes" for this special event?!}

Then we got to work making our main dish dinner winner, Presidential Pizza.

 I cut the pepperoni into little stars using a cookie cutter.

For the Bipartisan Salad, half was covered in cheese and the other half was covered in bacon, with a clear division right down the middle, just like Congress.

The desserts were a tie so we ate both!

I loved, loved doing this with my boys!   I chose food options to vote on that we already had the ingredients on hand to make, and the decorations were all made from supplies on hand, so this cost us nothing really to do, but the memories from it are priceless.  

Now that our boys are older and will surely understand more, I am so excited for later this year when it's time for this year's Democracy for Dinner!  


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