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about me

California girl meets Virginia boy by chance one night at a bar during March Madness {She was there for the spinach dip and didn't even know what that was!} He asks for her phone number. She laughs it off, but her friend slips him a napkin with her number as she walks out the door...  And here we are, eleven years and four adorable little guys later, happily living in California as Gallamore West. 

I'm a former 2nd grade teacher who quit to be a Stay At Home Mama when I realized that I couldn't balance it all and the mama guilt was tearing me apart.  Now I fill my days with our four little guys- playing, laughing, baking, crafting, and coming up with silly traditions that I hope we will continue with our boys well into their adulthood.  I love Target, the satisfaction I feel in crossing things off my to-do lists, baking anything sweet, eating breakfast for dinner, tickle fights in the family room, hosting parties, a nice hot glue gun, vintage treasure hunting, and people who still know how to say please and thank you.

Sometimes I look @ Mr. Gallamore {he's no longer a boy} and say, "Hey, aren't you that guy from the bar?" And we both think it's so funny.

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