8 Things to Do When You're Feeling Sad

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Ugh, it happens to all of us and lately it's been happening to me. I've been feeling sad. So many big decisions and thoughts swirling through my head ALL THE TIME. I feel like I'm spread so thin in so many different directions. Sometimes it takes time before things work themselves out and I KNOW that everything will work out, but in the meantime I can't just drive myself crazy overthinking all of it. 

Here are 8 things to do when you're feeling sad.

1) Clean something. Does that sound crazy? When I'm feeling sad, I find a drawer to be organized, a sink that needs a good scrub, a porch that needs a wash down... any little project where I can see IMMEDIATE, POSITIVE RESULTS works for me because it gets my mind thinking positive thoughts. Here are some tips to keep a house clean

2) Open the windows. Let the breeze flow into your space. Or if it's too cold out to open your windows, light your favorite candle. Breathe in the scent and be grateful for that breath you just took. Seriously, there are people taking their last breath. Be grateful for the breath you're taking in.

3) Turn up the music. Sometimes I just need to crank up Pandora and get lost in the music. This girl gets me. 

4) Make some coffee (this is my FAVORITE coffee maker... well loved every single day here!) Or some tea. Or lemonade. Whatever drink you like, pour it, sip it, and enjoy it. Simple pleasures can go a long way in brightening my day. Pour your drink in your favorite cup, even if it's the cup/glass/mug that you would normally save for a special occasion. 

5) Do something nice for someone else. It's hard living in this world of social media where everyone else seems to have the perfect life, the perfect home, the perfect everything, and when I'm feeling down it seems like everyone has something to smile about except me. Which is ridiculous because it's absolutely not true. Doing something nice for someone else is the perfect way to brighten my own day. 

6) Turn off your phone notifications, let go of Facebook or Instagram or whatever social media may be occupying too much space in your mind. Enjoy your new-found free time to do something productive.

7) Make something that makes you happy. It can be something as simple as a batch of homemade cookies (these Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies always put a smile on my face) or arranging a bouquet of flowers from your yard, or something big that you're been putting off for a long time. 

8) Get moving. I definitely go through my ups and downs with my commitment to exercise, but I ALWAYS feel better after exercising. Whether it's a walk around the neighborhood or a kicking/punching/sweating workout (this kickboxing DVD is under $10 and I LOVE it!), I never regret a workout. 

Get lost in your project, or your cup of coffee, or your exercise, or your music and remember that you are enough. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you're having a hard time finding your happy on your own, know that you are far from alone. Make an appointment with your doctor and together you can find your way back to your happy place. xoxo 


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