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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Seven Ways to Save Money on Almost Everything

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Lately I've discovered how to save money on almost everything that I buy, without clipping a single coupon.  I'm pretty sure it's because I've picked up some great bargaining skills by watching American Pickers, but whatever it is,  I realize now more than ever that every single dollar saved is a dollar that we can put towards something else {like putting our four boys through braces and college someday}.

Here's the #1 thing I have learned to save money lately... ASK!  While I would never try to bargain with a handmade boutique shop or something similar, with a big business, it's totally worth it to just ask.

For example, we recently had our carpets cleaned.  The guy quoted me $100, which was more than I wanted to pay.  So I asked, "Can you do it for $75?"  He said he'd do it for $100, but throw in some free Scotch-Guard.  So I told him that I didn't want anything extra, just that I wanted to pay less.  He said, "I'll do it for $80."  Bam, just like that... $20 saved!

#2- I shop at Kohl's when they have a good sale.  Since my husband and I both have separate Kohl's charge accounts, we both get separate coupons mailed.  You know those ones where you peel off the sticker to reveal your savings?  It's either %15 off, 20% off, or 30% off.  One of us always gets a 30% off so we toss the other one & shop 30% off.  And did you know that Kohl's isn't supposed to take Kohl's cash after the expiration date?  But I had one 5 days expired the other day, asked politely, and the girl said yes.  And just like that... another $20 saved!  And even if I go to Kohl's without a coupon, I ask for a discount if I tell them I'm using my Kohl's card, and every time, I have been given a 15% discount.

#3- When we moved here one year ago, we got free internet for a year when we signed up for our cable service.  After a year, it jumped to $60 a month.  I told my husband that I was going to call and cancel our service if they didn't lower it.  Sweet guy called for me and got it down to $15 a month, just by asking.  Another $45 saved... just by asking!

#4- I do a quick google search for a coupon to that store, and 99% off the time, I find one.  More savings, just by clicking around for about 2 minutes!

#5- I shop online using Amazon Prime. With FREE two-day shipping, I save money by not going into a store where I have a hard time sticking to just the items on my list. Now I buy many everyday items, like dog food and my favorite cleaning spray, from Amazon. Even my favorite new kickboxing DVD is from Amazon (I LOVE this 10 minute workout!) 

#6- I stock up on things that I use when they're on sale.  For example, my boys recently discovered that they love Annie's Organic Macaroni & Cheese.  When I saw them on sale for $1 a box, I bought 10 boxes.  It was cheaper than the "blue box" brand and healthier too.

#7- Put yourself on a "Shopping Time-Out" for a month. I'm doing it right now and it's actually kind of fun. I'm not buying ANYTHING extra besides the essentials and I've even banned myself from one of my favorite stores for the entire month of April so I don't spend extra money. I'm finding so much more time for myself by not running to the store for every little thing. 

What are your favorite ways to save money when shopping? 

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bdodge68 said...

Your kick boxing video link doesn't link to anything, would love to know what it is.... thanks

Unknown said...

Sorry the Kickboxing DVD link didn't work. I've fixed it now. It's seriously an awesome workout and it's under $8 on Amazon!! xoxo,

Unknown said...

I LOVE using Prime! Great tips!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Morgan! xoxo

partyalamo said...

I might have to try that shopping time-out tip! Now to convince my husband to do it with me...


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