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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Expressing Feelings with Inside Out!

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Summer is in full swing here at Gallamore West! My blog is slow, my days are busy, and my boys are home with me ALL.DAY.LONG. And I love it... I really do :) My boys and I love the lazy days of summer, but I also like to add in some fun activities for us to do occasionally too. So we made DIY Glitter "Calm Down" Jars, and decorated cookies this week. All with Disney's Inside Out movie in mind.

First, we went to the drive-in movie theatre to see Inside Out. We've so lucky to live about 5 minutes from a great drive-in theatre! 

But things aren't all peaches and cream here every day. We definitely deal with our share of arguments, disagreements, differences of opinion, etc. I try to let the boys work out their issues as much as they can without my intervention, but sometimes tempers flare and Mom has to step in. So, taking all of the boys to see Disney's new summer movie, Inside Out, has been a great way for us to talk about expressing our feelings appropriately. Inside Out is all about an 11-year old girl, Riley, working through her emotions after a cross-country move away from all of her friends, her hockey team, and all of her favorite memories.  Her emotions get all out of whack and she spends a lot of time feeling sadness. 

After watching the movie, the boys and I talked about how to handle it when they feel sad- that it's okay to feel sad sometimes, that it's normal to feel sad sometimes, how to best express our emotions to others, and how to overcome negative feelings. We even decorated cookies to look like some of our favorite characters from Inside Out. 

Here's Sadness...

And Joy... (she must've tasted too good to wait for a picture!) 

And Anger. 

We also made DIY Glitter "Calm Down" Jars for those times when we really need to take a deep breath, relax, count to ten, and watch the glitter fall down to the bottom of the jar. I'm telling you- that Calm Down Jar has been a wonderful calming thing... for me :) 

These DIY Glitter "Calm Down" Jars are so great and easy to make. Just fill your jar with vegetable oil, pour in your favorite color glitter, and seal the jar (you can hot glue it sealed also if you think little hands may try to open it). 

I bought a multi-color pack of glitter at Walmart, where I also picked up some fun toys that go along with the Inside Out movie! I bought Joy- one of the main characters and my personal favorite emotion. 

And my little guy couldn't resist Bing Bong, who happened to also be a favorite character in the movie. Bing Bong talks too, and says some of his cutest lines from Inside Out. 

Have you seen Disney's new movie, Inside Out, yet?

 It's an adorable movie, and brings up the importance of discussing our feelings. It was a great way to kick off summer here at Gallamore West, especially because we were able to talk about expressing our feelings AND do some super fun things along with the movie, Inside Out! 

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Summer @ Banana Hammocks & Tutus said...

My youngest son and our daughter need these calm down jars so badly. They are very high strung and need something to focus on when they get upset. Great ideas and I love the cookies! #client


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