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Monday, July 27, 2015

5 Tips for a Successful Road Trip!

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 Summer time is the perfect time for vacations, especially road trips. And with four little ones, I've learned some tips along the way to make our road trips successful... well, as successful as it can be with four kids asking, "ARE WE THERE YET?!" from the back seat. 

 Here are five simple things that work for us in making traveling with kids a fun, successful experience. 

 1) Be realistic! The best way to ensure that things will NOT go your way is to set unrealistic expectations. So if an occasional meltdown is part of your everyday routine at home, you can probably figure that the same will happen while traveling. 

 2) Be prepared! Let's go back to #1- if you're prepared, you can handle that meltdown so much better than if you're unprepared. Prepared to me means that I've gotten a good night's sleep so that I'm able to take a deep breath, patiently talk to my child, and work through the situation calmly. 

 3) Pack smart! We just got home from a super fun, whirlwind trip across the country. We didn't drive, but this tip works great for any type of traveling with kids. Pack only what you need, plus some fun things, and make sure that what you need while traveling is within reach. When we travel, I pack an OPEN TOP bag within my reach so I can grab whatever I need while we're on the road. Then I pack our clothes smartly, with the first thing the kids will need when we reach our destination packed ON TOP. For example, when traveling cross country last week I knew we'd be arriving at our destination late at night so I packed the kids' pajamas right on top of the suitcase. 

 4) Pack fun, smart snacks! It's vacation so I like to make it fun and buy special treats for the kids. To avoid chaos in the back seat though, I package everything individually for the kids so there is no fighting over "But he got more than me!" or anything like that. Some of my favorite snacks to pack are little bags of grapes, crackers, trail mix, puff snacks, and Twizzlers Twists. 

I love packing Twizzlers Twists because unlike other candies, Twizzlers don't melt so they're the perfect road trip treat for Summer Fun! 

And they look so cute too, wrapped up with washi tape.

 5) Have fun! Making memories is what Summer Fun road trips are all about. Even though it isn't always the most relaxing with little ones, the memories made are worth it. So load up that minivan, grab your Twizzlers Twists from Walmart (there's even a cool Summer Fun display of them right when you walk in the door) and hit the road!

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Nicole Elliott said...

Love the ideas to put them in the individual baggies--makes for perfect portions and so much easier to fish out when it's snack time in the car! ~ Client


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