gallamore west: Phase 3 of Budget Kitchen Makeover: Smart Tiles Backsplash!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Phase 3 of Budget Kitchen Makeover: Smart Tiles Backsplash!

We've been working on giving our kitchen a Budget Makeover for a couple of months now, and I'm SO excited to show you Phase 3 of our Budget Kitchen Makeover, Smart Tiles Backsplash!!

Have you heard of Smart Tiles?  I happened to run across this company and their amazing "tiles" while researching for tile backsplash.  At a fraction of the time and energy it would take to install glass tiles, Smart Tiles instantly caught my attention.  So I did what I always do when I'm researching a product, I dive into the reviews and read LOTS of reviews.  Smart Tiles has so many great reviews so I knew I found a winner of a product.  And now I know why the reviews are so amazing... because Smart Tiles ARE simply amazing!

Unlike traditional tile backsplash that requires a tile cutter, messy grout, and a lot of time and talent to install, Smart Tiles are SO easy to install.  In fact, you can easily "install" your tiles in an afternoon.  It took me about 2 hours to put up all of the Smart Tiles for this wall, with two little boys awake and a school pick-up in there too!  Smart Tiles do not require any special tools- just a good pair of scissors or an Xacto knife and a cutting board- because they are an adhesive peel and stick sheet of backsplash that looks just like glass tiles!  

We recently painted our kitchen countertops (yes, painted!) in Phase 1 of our Budget Kitchen Makeover 

And we painted our oak cabinets white in Phase 2 of our Budget Kitchen Makeover.  

I was SO excited to be done with Phase 2 (the longest, most difficult part of the kitchen so far) and move onto Phase 3 because I knew I would love the ease of Smart Tiles and the drastic change in minimal time.  And I was right!  Smart Tiles were simple to install, and they improved the look of our kitchen drastically.  We chose Murano Metallik for our kitchen.  It is a mix of black, shiny silver metallic, and white tiles.  And it's gorgeous! 

 I really could go on and on my love for Smart Tiles for days here.  If you're looking for an amazing backsplash product that doesn't require you to either hire someone to install, or the time and energy it would take to install a glass tile backsplash and deal with messy grout, you MUST check out Smart Tiles.  Plus, if you decide to change your backsplash down the road (or maybe if you're a renter) you can easily remove Smart Tiles by heating them with a blowdryer.  And they won't ruin your wall like tile and grout would if you decided to pull that stuff down! I'm already looking around my house trying to figure out where I can put more Smart Tiles!  You can purchase Smart Tiles online at their website, or find them locally at your neighborhood Home Depot or Lowes. 

I'm in love with our Budget Kitchen Makeover, especially this phase 3, and can't wait to show you Phase 4 soon- our hardware, finishing touches, and COST BREAKDOWN of the entire Budget Kitchen Makeover.  Just a little flashback for you, here's what our kitchen started out like.

And here is a little sneak peek at what it looks like now.

 I knoooooow, right?!?!  

If you're thinking about doing a budget kitchen makeover, I think you'll be amazed and hopefully inspired when you see our final numbers!  xoxo 

Disclosure: I was provided with the Smart Tiles for this project at no charge, but I only endorse products I believe in 100%.  Smart Tiles are fabulous!  For more detailed disclosure information, please see my Disclosure

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Michelle Paige said...

I've never heard of Smart Tiles...but they look amazing! I can't wait to see your completed kitchen!


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