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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Taxes done easy with TurboTax

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Call me crazy, but tax time is usually one of my favorite times of the year.  WHAT?!?  I can't say it's always been that way- we used to set up an appointment to meet with a tax preparer and pay them to do our taxes for us.  Then one year we decided to bite the bullet and try to do our taxes on our own with TurboTax.  That was well over 5 years ago and we've never looked back.  I actually LOVE doing our taxes with TurboTax because it is so affordable, easy, and we get our refund quickly every year.  Plus, I admit... it makes me feel smart because math and accounting is SO not my thing!  Honestly, if I can file our taxes with TurboTax, I'm convinced that pretty much anyone can.  TurboTax walks you step by step through everything and is there for you to help if you have any questions.  Plus, it's so easy that I even file our taxes with a toddler on my lap! 

This year things have changed because of the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obama Care" and that may have some people worried because it sounds scary, right?  Taxes and healthcare and new requirements... when I first learned this, I wanted to go hide under a rock.  But seriously, TurboTax makes that easy too.  If you have healthcare coverage through your employer (or your spouse's employer) it is just a simple check of a box and you're done with the new requirement.

This coming weekend is important- if you do not have health insurance, you have until February 15th to purchase your insurance to avoid paying a penalty on your taxes.  Again, if you already have coverage through your employer or your spouse's employer, you're already covered.  This weekend is also important because if you file your taxes with TurboTax using the 1040A/EZ version by February 16th, your Federal AND State refund can be filed for free!  Since we always use TurboTax to file our taxes, being able to file both our Federal AND State taxes for free is a huge incentive to get our taxes done early so we can sit back and wait for our refund.  Plus, I always love how easy it is to track our refund because I am not the most patient person out there. Especially when waiting for a big refund coming our way! 

If you're insured through your employer, here's a helpful video from TurboTax on the new requirements for you: 

If you're a Marketplace Insured Filer, here's a video from TurboTax for you:

And if you're uninsured, here's an important video from TurboTax for you:

Now... where to take a vacation with these cuties when our refund arrives?!  

Do you file with TurboTax too?  If not, give it a try.  You may be surprised at how easy it is, and then you can pat yourself on the back when you're done for being so smart ;) 

Want more info on TurboTax and the new Healthcare reporting requirements on your taxes?  Visit TurboTax online and watch TurboTax's Healthcare website for all the answers you need to complete your taxes confidently online with TurboTax.

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