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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Four Easy Things To Do At Night To Make The Next Morning Easier!

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My mornings are crazy busy, and I'm guessing that it's the same for many of you.  I love starting my day off with a hot cup of coffee, breakfast, and a clean kitchen that's always stocked with foaming soap.  It's those little details that make me happy and get my day started right.  And even though I have four boys to get ready and out the door, and our mornings usually run smoothly, and our boys have ZERO tardy days this school year!  The school year is well over halfway over, so while nothing is perfect here I do think we must be doing something right with our morning routines.  My secret?  I do these FOUR EASY THINGS AT NIGHT TO MAKE THE NEXT MORNING EASIER.  

1) I prep our coffee maker the night before. I add fresh coffee and fill the water so that it's just one simple push of a button in the morning and the coffee is made.  This takes less than 5 minutes to do at night and makes a world of difference the next morning.

2) I finish loading the dishes in the dishwasher and set it to run during the night.  Since I empty it every morning and load the dishes as we use them throughout the day, this only takes a couple of minutes.  Waking up to a clean kitchen sink is priceless for a smooth morning.  And I love to dress up my kitchen sink with Softsoap Liquid Foaming Hand Soap. They're new, come in three amazing scents, and have the appearance of much pricier "fancy" soaps.  I love keeping this New Softsoap Kitchen Citrus Burst Liquid Foaming Hand Soap next to the kitchen sink.

3) I make my husband's lunch and put it in the refrigerator.  He used to eat out A LOT, and that was horrible for our budget and for his health.  So now I pack him a lunch to go every night and we save hundreds of dollars a month with this simple change.  This takes less than 5 minutes, and it's a great way to use up any extra food from dinner time! 

4) Once I'm done making sure the kitchen is ready for the next morning, I head to the bathroom where I do the same.  I wipe down the bathroom sink and fixtures with an antibacterial wipe.  This takes about 1 minute and helps me have a smoother morning.  And in my bathrooms, I love to keep Softsoap Liquid Foaming Hand Soap in Jasmine and White Cotton, or Whipped Cocoa Butter. 

These soaps smell AMAZING!  They are so fragrant and make my hands so smooth.  The packaging on all three of these new soaps is pretty to look at and reminds me of much more expensive soaps at a fraction of the price.   

 Softsoap Liquid Foaming Hand Soap is totally affordable and available at Wal-Mart.  Many locations have a special stand-alone display for these new Softsoaps, but my location had them in the hand soap section.

That's it-  my FOUR EASY THINGS AT NIGHT TO MAKE THE NEXT MORNING EASIER.  It truly does help my mornings to spend this short amount of time prepping for the next day the night before.  And I love having my Softsoap Liquid Foaming Hand Soaps to keep my hands smooth and smelling amazing.  Do you have a nighttime routine to help make your mornings run smoother?  Let me know what you do!  


Kari said...

We pack backpacks and anything else needed for the next day the night before. Also I put gloves and hats on their backpacks for the morning.

Samantha said...

These are great tips! Our mornings are a struggle sometimes. #client


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