gallamore west: White Pants on Wednesday #2

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

White Pants on Wednesday #2

I'm back for White Pants on Wednesday, a little place where I'm sharing just whatever is on my mind.  You can read more about the idea behind it here.  I started it last Wednesday, to tell you the truth I'm super proud of myself for even remembering that today is indeed Wednesday.  

Looking back at my iPhone pics from this past week, it's clear that there is one person on my mind and in my heart {and also getting adorable little dirty handprints, footprints, and popsicles on my white pants} and that our is littlest man.  He really has the energy of all three of our older boys combined, and is truly a whirlwind of crazy chaotic cuteness.  And he started preschool {insert Happy Mama SQUEAL here!!!} I adore him, but a bit of peace and being home alone in my own home for the 1st time in... EVER... is an amazing feeling.  Such a serious little face, and wearing his empty backpack in case he needed to make a quick escape! 

On a separate note, my husband thought it would be a great idea for me and the boys to meet him at a restaurant after he got off work one night last week.  We turned off our cable over the summer {hello! best decision ever if you ask me, worst decision ever if you ask my husband} and he wanted to watch his favorite football team play.  So I loaded up the boys and we went out to dinner.   This is the best picture we got of our family of 6 at the restaurant.  Whoops on the familyselfie. 

It was so peaceful, relaxing, and I finished all of my food in peace.  Oh wait, actually... one of our boys stuck his hands in my water to fish out the ice cubes, one of them refused to eat, one of them found the world's longest french fry, and one of them pointed to the fake coyote on the wall {it was a cowboy place} and insisted that it was a dolphin.  Loudly insisted, approximately 50 times.

It was SO much fun that I think we should bring the boys out to dinner again... in about 5-7 years.  Please, just bring home In N Out next time :)  

I like chilies on mine... so spicy. 

And also, here's a dose of "Which Pumpkin Items Laurie Bought at Trader Joe's This Week" because that is important stuff.  And if you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm all about #pumpkineverything.  That Spiced Cider doesn't have any pumpkin in it, but it's like drinking Fall in a cup.  Heat it, add whipped cream and caramel and you'll be saying, "Starbucks?  What's that?" 

And if you're looking for some crafty inspiration, I'm loving my new Black & White Halloween Wreath I made last week:

My Mini Apple Pie Triffles are delicious, and getting some serious internet love these days.  

And my No-Sew Pumpkins are so easy and fun to make.  My boys and I made some super fun black and white pumpkins this past weekend {that I can't wait to show you as soon as I get my front porch pictures edited and posted}.

See you next Wednesday for White Pants on Wednesday #3. xoxo 

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