No Batteries Required: Target has the Best Toys!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Sometimes I struggle with the amount of electronics that are flooding into our lives.  And by "our" lives, I really mean my kids lives.  I know that they're growing up in a different generation than I did and that all of the electronics are part of their lives and that they need to know how to use them, but I still want to preserve and treasure the magic of kids using their own imagination.  I still want them to use toys that don't require batteries.  And that is why I LOVE shopping at Target for the best toys for our kids.   

Our boys love to build and create with Legos.  The in-store selection of Legos at Target is amazing, with Legos on multiple aisles in the toy department.  There are Lego Juniors, Lego Creators, Lego City, Lego Princesses, Lego Star Wars... the selection is awesome. 

But just in case you don't find what you're looking for in-store, you can visit Target's Toy Emporium {online only} for a fantastic selection of even more Legos and other Create and Build toys that allow kids to use their imagination.  No batteries required!  

Remember Lincoln Logs?  I love that my boys play with some of the same toys that I did growing up. This is just one of many create and build toy options in Target's Toy Emporium {online only}.

Recently I loaded up the car and surprised the boys with a trip to Target for new Legos.  The boys were SO excited, and so was I because Target is my favorite store.  We snapped this quick selfie in the driveway before leaving home.  

With four boys ranging in ages from 2 1/2 to almost 10, it's sometimes hard to find toys that they all like.  So far, there is one toy that they all agree on and all play well with together for hours without fighting {sometimes, when the stars align just right you know} and that toy is Legos.  With one quick trip to Target, we came home with everyone's favorite thanks to the wide selection of Legos.

The littlest guy can't build his own Legos yet, but his big brothers have no problem assembling them for him.  Our almost 4 year old loves the Lego Jr. sets because they give him the opportunity to be successful in building his own Legos.  And our older two boys blow my mind with how well they put together Legos.

And all of this without a screen, without a TV, without batteries... and with serious concentration :)

and with plenty of imagination, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills development, and cooperation skills when they are working together.

To say that we're fans of creating and building with Legos in this house is quite the understatement these days!  Although when it comes to organization, I do admit that was a struggle here until I came up with this simple, inexpensive, and effective solution: Plastic storage containers and chalkboard labels.

There's not much worse than stepping on a Lego while barefoot, right?  After experiencing that a few times in addition to nagging the boys to pick up their Legos ALL.THE.TIME. we came up with a simple solution.  I buy storage containers with drawers like this, and every time the boys get a new Lego set, the extra pieces, the instructions, and even the box {flattened} go in a drawer.  I label the outside of the drawer on a chalkboard label, so that in case we ever decide to use these containers for something else, I can just erase and re-use.  Also, I like the look of chalkboard labels so it's a stylish organization method too. 

 In this age of digital everything, it is nice to see kids use their imagination thanks to a great selection of toys at Target that don't require batteries. 

 Want to check out more great toys from Target? Visit the Pinterest board here:

Unknown said...

What a brilliant way to organize and sort LEGOs! And I love that it can please all boys of all ages! #client


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