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Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY Minecraft Figures!

Do you have kids that are crazy for Minecraft?  I know I sure do, and my boys went crazy for these DIY Minecraft Figures that I made last week! 

They looked pretty impressive, but they were honestly one of the easiest things ever to make because they're just wrapped empty boxes connected together with clear packing tape, and store-bought Minecraft box heads.  I just grabbed boxes from bigger items I have bought recently and stored the boxes in case I needed to make any returns.  One of our boys helped hold up different boxes until we were happy with the shapes together.  Ignore our garage floor... unless you're a company looking for a blogger to do a garage floor makeover.   Geeeeeez! 

I bought the wrapping paper at Walmart and the Minecraft heads are from Target.  The brown skin color for Minecraft Steve's arms are Trader Joe's paper grocery bags, cut and turned inside out.

Except for the pig... I just cut squares of white paper and colored part of the eyes black.

My friend Sarah told me about these after going to a Minecraft Birthday Party recently.  I was kicking myself that I didn't think of these a few months back when I hosted a Minecraft Party for one of our boys.  His party was still pretty Minecraft-cool, but these guys would've been awesome to have there!  

Make your little Minecrafters wildest dreams come true by making a set of these guys for them too! 

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