White Pants on Wednesday #1

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My blog has changed so much from being a family blog to a crafty/sweets/Mommy blog and then sponsored posts became a thrilling reality for me and here I am today... a mix of all of those things, but not a very good juggler so things have been heavy on sponsored posts because I'll be honest, they pay the bills.  And with four bottomless pit boys, we've got bills!  

But somewhere along the way, I definitely feel like I've buried my real self here, so here I am pulling the reigns back and ready to open up and be more real with you on my blog.  I'm calling it White Pants on Wednesday because...

 I'm wearing white pants right now.

And because today is Wednesday.  

And because it's my blog so I get to name it.

 And because I like this picture I posted on Instagram last week while wearing my white pants.  

And also because there is something about wearing white pants as a mom of four little ones that makes me feel like Supermom if I make it through the day with my white pants not completely covered in dirt and jelly handprints.

What is White Pants on Wednesday?

It's a time and place to open up about anything and everything... from my frustrations to successes as a Mom, my favorite finds of the week while out shopping, my plans, snippets of my life and favorite corners of my home... so pretty much anything.  And it will pretty much be iPhone pics, or maybe a combo of "big girl camera" pics and iPhone pics.  I just want to get it posted and not worry too much about editing the perfect shot, because life isn't perfect and that's what I want to capture here, real life. 

I could show you a picture of our clean house today because I really did an awesome job today of vacuuming, putting all the laundry away, and bagging up 4 big trash bags of stuff for donations, all while wearing my white pants.  But in the spirit of keeping it real here at White Pants on Wednesday, here is what our little boys' room looks like today :)

See you next Wednesday- xoxo.
Kara said...

Haha I love it. I'm not brave enough to wear my white pants around my kids. Although, more afraid of myself and white pants.


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