Stop Sorting! 5 Tips to Spend A LOT Less Time Doing Laundry

Thursday, June 12, 2014

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We have a family of six- 4 of them are happy, busy, messy, and often muddy little boys.  And guess what?  I do NOT spend my life doing laundry!  That's right... I get it done quickly once a week without sorting laundry and don't give it another thought until the following week.  Here's how I do it...

1) Dedicate a certain time each week to get your laundry done.  For me, Monday morning works best.  And this may sound crazy, but I actually kind of like it.  After a busy whirlwind weekend, I love the calm of Monday mornings where I know I will stay home, get all of the laundry done, and get the house put back together.

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2)  Get help!  Our little guys help by bringing the laundry baskets from the bedrooms to the family room where I put it all in baskets to bring out to the laundry room {aka, our garage}.

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3)  Don't sort!  That's right.  I don't sort my colors at all because I use Purex No Sort for Colors.  All colors just get tossed in the wash together and come out super clean and with vibrant colors that don't fade or bleed onto other fabrics.

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That's right- the rules have changed!  Purex No Sort for Colors has breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer technology that traps loose dyes in the wash and does not allow them to transfer to other fabrics.  Because of this, I can spend less time doing laundry because I don't have to sort and I can throw mixed colors into one load, so I do less loads overall. Of course I make sure that brand new clothes, like jeans, have been washed a few times before just tossing them in with lighter colors, but for the most part I just toss in a load without sorting.  It truly is #laundrysimplified! 

Ummm, I think Purex No Sort deserves a standing ovation for that, right?  Yes, yes it does.

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4) Fold it all right away.  I make a pile of folded laundry for each person in the same spot across the top of our couch every Monday morning.  By folding laundry in a central spot in our house, it pretty much forces me to get it done and put away quickly.  Which brings me to #5...

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5)  After spending your time and effort getting the laundry done, hurry up and get it put away!  Our older boys put away their own clothes, and our younger ones help carry theirs to their bedroom.  As I fold, I try to grab similar items so once the clothes are ready to be put away, they are pretty much already grouped together {shirts together for the shirts drawer, pjs together, etc....} 

I know that many people loathe doing the laundry, but I try to make it a game where I challenge myself to get it done as quick as possible.  Then the laundry hampers go back to the bedrooms where they stay for a whole week, and I get to enjoy six laundry-free days a week!  If you're able to dedicate a chunk of time to doing this each week, it really does make for a great method.  And with Purex No Sort for Colors, I'm able to save time not having to sort the clothes.  It's amazing!  You can pick it up in the laundry detergent aisle of Wal-Mart.

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So start saving time with your laundry too... just in time for summer, where the last thing any of us want to be doing is laundry, right?  

Here's our four boys enjoying a summer afternoon out and about in San Diego, carefree and fun.  Now THAT'S how I want to spend our summer, not stuck inside doing laundry! 

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How about you?  
Any laundry tips for us?  
Feel free to share them in the comments.

Have a great {laundry-free} weekend! xoxo 

learn more about Purex No Sort for Colors:

#laundrysimplified #collectivebias
Emily Stephens said...

We're a family of three, but I find that stacking the laundry in piles by person makes it much quicker to put everything away!

Enjoy your new found free time this summer! #client

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