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Monday, May 5, 2014

Easy Teacher Appreciation Idea with Candy!

It's Teacher Appreciation Time!  Our school celebrates it all week long, but nationally the official Day of the Teacher is tomorrow, Tuesday May 7th.  If you don't have anything prepared for your child's teacher yet, here's a super simple and sweet Teacher Appreciation Idea with Candy for you.  In addition to being super easy to pull together, it's also really affordable. Easy & Sweet Teacher Appreciation Candy Gift

All you have to do is head to your favorite store {umm, that's Target, right?} and grab a few of their $1 candy items.  Think of candy items that you can come up with a cute little saying to go along with the candy name. I already had the crinkle paper and the basket on hand.  The chalkboard pen and the chalkboard tags are $1 each at the Dollar Spot at Target right now.  A chalk pen for ONE dollar... pinch me.  I'm going to go back and buy every single one :) Easy & Sweet Teacher Appreciation Candy Gift

Then just type up a little note using each of the candy names in a cheesy little note, have your adorable child deliver it to their teacher this week, and your child will satisfy their teacher's sweet tooth for sure! Easy & Sweet Teacher Appreciation Candy Gift

I also happened to have cute little yellow school bus ribbon so I tied that on the basket too. Easy & Sweet Teacher Appreciation Candy Gift

It really can't get much simpler than that!  But I guarantee that your child's teacher will appreciate the thought, effort, and sugar rush... believe me, I used to teach.  Sugar and caffeine are a teacher's BFFs!  And to all of my teacher friends, I hope you feel extra loved and appreciated this week.  Because you are SO loved and appreciated. xoxo

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