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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Tips for Successful Workouts!

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and U by Kotex but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #UbyKotex

Summer is just around the corner so it's time to kick up those workouts a notch! Today I'm sharing 5 Tips for Successful Workouts with you. Like a lot of people, I used to struggle with exercising. But with these few simple and tips I hope you feel inspired to get your workout on!

Step 1: Get the right shoes! And workout clothes too.

I love my workout shoes. They are super comfortable and lightweight, so they don't weigh me down while I'm working out. Plus they're really cute and I got them for a steal of a deal. Get the right sports bra, clothes that YOU feel comfortable exercising in, and you're one fifth of the way through my five tips for a successful workout.

Step 2: Get a water bottle that you love. And drink from it... A LOT.

Drinking plenty of water all day long helps hydrate your body and keeps your skin looking great too. I love sipping my water with a lemon squeezed into it and with a cute paper straw. I know it seems silly, but it really does encourage me to drink, drink, drink my water all day long.

Step 3: Find what motivates you!

Everyone has their own "thing" that gets them motivated to get moving. For some it may be a picture of someone with the body they are striving to have, for others it may be a note on the refrigerator reminding them to eat clean. For me it's motivational quotes. I love having quotes that inspire me hung around the house so keep me motivated and encouraged to work out.

Step 4: Find the workout that works for you
Love the gym? Zumba? Running? Personally I'm hooked on working out at home because it's inexpensive compared to the gym, I don't spend any time driving to and from anywhere, and because I have little ones so working out at home is just easier for me. Plus I've found a few DVDs that work... like really, really work and I love them! Whatever your workout is, find what you love and keep at it. If you are consistent and eating healthy along with your workout, the results will come.
Step 5: Keep working out all month long with U by Kotex!
U by Kotex Clean Wear pads and U by Kotex sleek tampons are comfortable enough and give you the perfect protection to keep working out even on "those days" of the month.
Plus, how CUTE are they?! I mean really, I'm positive I've never used the word CUTE when describing feminine products but they truly are. The packaging for the pads is so bright, colorful, and so unique that you wouldn't really even know that they were pads. That would be a really good thing in case you ever knock over your purse in public... something I'm kind of famous for doing!
I've never seen such different packaging, but I love how stylish and discreet the tampon packaging is too.

While supplies last at select Walmart stores, U by Kotex has Goody Hair Elastics attached to the box for free! Walmart has low prices plus these free hair elastics are attached to the boxes of U by Kotex... it's like Christmas in April! Well, maybe not Christmas but it is pretty exciting stuff in the world of feminine protection, right? The hair elastics are adorable and my favorite kind of hair tie because they are so soft and never pull my hair.

Want to know more? Visit U by Kotex here. Then get working on setting yourself up for successful workouts with my 5 easy and fun tips! xoxo


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