Family Movie Night: The Sound of Music

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I love, love, love The Sound of Music.  Ask my brother... we watched it 8,254,565 times when we were growing up.  I'm pretty sure he loves it too... ha!  I was thrilled to introduce this movie to our boys, so I decided to step things up for Family Movie Night this past weekend and make a fun dinner and dessert table to go along with the movie.

Before you go thinking that I'm crazy for setting all of this up, I have to tell you that I already had pretty much everything in this picture.  So just by simply styling up what you already have it's pretty easy to step up Family Movie Night from ordinary to extraordinary! 

I wrote some lyrics from "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" on the chalkboard and strung my rainbow heart garland from Red Barn Loft across it.  Isn't that garland the cutest?  I found her shop on Instagram and immediately ordered that garland.  She shipped it the very next morning and it arrived the following day packaged adorably and with a handwritten note.  Ohhh, how I looooove handmade items from quality sellers!

I pulled out this old picnic basket that my husband and I bought back when we were dating to help style the table because it reminds me of the picnic basket that Maria and the kids use on their picnic in the movie.  I used my blue mason jars for drinking jars because they made me think of "blue satin sashes" from the song My Favorite Things, and I served Sparkling apple cider because it reminds me of "apple strudel" also from the song My Favorite Things.  And I used rainbow straws from my straw collection because of the line "follow every rainbow" from the song Climb Ev'ry Mountain.

Brown paper packages tied up with string and daffodils are from the song My Favorite Things... the boxes hold my camera lenses, and I already had the daffodils that I bought from Trader Joe's last week.  I transplanted them from the plastic pot they came in to this cute antiqued clay pot {it's from my sister's wedding 15 years ago}.

The apple strudel is also from the song My Favorite Things.

I printed out a quick little paper and twine banner from the song Do-Re-Mi and taped it to the table.

And just to have a few more snacks to munch on during the movie, I set out fruit on one of my favorite cake plates, and popcorn in jelly jars.

I didn't get pictures of our dinner because we were starving, but I did take this one picture that I posted on Instagram.  I thought it was hilarious to put a pinecone on everyone's seat!
Most of the time Family Movie Night is a lot less involved than this, but for a special treat every once in a while, I love to go the extra mile to make it a memorable night for our family.  Making special memories with your family can be fun and easy.  It doesn't have to be expensive either- just look around at what you already have and you'll probably be surprised at how easy it is to make Family Movie Night go from ordinary to extraordinary!  

Want another fun Family Movie Night idea?
Here's our Despicable Me 2 movie night at the drive-in!

Kari said...

I recognize that pot!! Cute set up. Did the boys watch the whole movie? Even if we watched it 8,254,565 times as a kid I still love it!!!

Kari said...

I recognize that pot!! Cute set up. Did the boys watch the whole movie? Even if we watched it 8,254,565 times as a kid I still love it!!!

Heart Finder said...

You always make everything so special! Even the littlest thing!


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