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Monday, August 5, 2013

Five Tips for Summer Traveling with Kids!

I'm so excited to be a part of this fun Summer Travel series with a bunch of my favorite bloggers.   Thank you, for sponsoring this series and for giving away a $200 Home Depot Gift Card to one lucky winner! 

Traveling with kids can be fun.  It can also be wild and crazy.  Believe me, as a Mom of four little boys, I know all about wild and crazy!  But with these Five Tips for Summer Traveling with Kids, you can make your journey a lot smoother- whether you're going on a Road Trip {our favorite}, flying on a plane {we try to avoid}, or even going on a cruise {dreaming here}!

1.  Pack smart- Think of what you need to have at hand's reach.  Have a special bag or backpack packed with essentials that you are in charge of {baby wipes, antibacterial gel, snacks, your favorite brand of sunscreen, water bottles}.  Basically anything you don't want to stop the car for, or be stuck wishing that you had with you.  But also, these are things that you don't necessarily want your kids to have their hands into all day!

2.  Don't overpack- This is a hard one with kids because the little ones seems to need SO.MUCH.STUFF, right?  I always try to think about having to carry around all of that stuff, so I try to pack light.  When we've traveled by plane to visit family, we have asked them to see if they can borrow things for us to use while we're there- like baby gates, Pack N Plays, water tables, etc. because obviously we weren't going to bring all that stuff on an airplane, but it sure did help to have all of those things at our destination!

3. Make it special- Whether it's a half-day drive to a special destination, or a cross-country plane flight, vacationing is a special time to bond as a family.  We want to have fun, relax, laugh, and enjoy each other so I give the boys something little and fun like a special treat, snack, or small toy that will entertain them when we hit milestones in your trip {like crossing a state border, or at certain times on the clock, or after meals, whatever works for you!}

4. Make a special spot for each kid's stuff-  With our 4 little guys, Road Trips are our thing.  I love the convenience of being in our own car, and allowing each of our boys to have their own special container filled with things that will help them enjoy the ride, stay occupied, keep their bellies from starving, and help curtail that dreaded questions, "Are we there yet?"  So for our Summer Travels this year, I went to Home Depot because I love their home organization products.   Next time you're heading to Home Depot, be sure to visit first for a money-saving Home Depot coupon!  I found these at Home Depot, and they were exactly what I had in mind.

These half-cubby pop-up containers at Home Depot are genius!  Of course, they are made by my friend, Martha... she's a smart one!  I chose to get 2 blue and 2 green.

They are the perfect size to hold our guys important traveling stuff without taking up too much space.  Plus I like that they are sturdy, but still soft for our little ones.

They are so convenient, in fact, that we keep them in the car all the time now.  That's a great thing because we only turn on the DVD player if our trip is long enough to play a whole movie {I know, cue the Mean Mom Music here, k?} so having a few little things to pass the time in the car is perfect for our family whether it's a short ride or a long road trip.

The cubbies containers come with a little white paper for labeling.  I took those out and gave them a quick coat of Rust-oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint from Home Depot and wrote each boy's name on the label with chalk.

5. And my final tip #5 is be patient- Traveling with Kids is not for the weary!  The point of a vacation is to relax and unwind, but sometimes that can be hard.  But by planning ahead and letting each kid have their own special container filled with fun, useless travel items, you are well on your way to your destination with happy kids and sane parents!

{Here's what our 2 1/2 year old loves to have in his special traveling cubby!}

Happy Traveling! xoxo

Enter to win a $200 Gift Card to Home Depot from here! 

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Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

Great tips!! Love those cubbies - I need to get me some asap :)

Sarah said...

We travel a lot for a family with little kids. We fly at least once a year and road trip 3 or 4. For long trips, I always make sure to bring something new. A new book, a new snack that they don't usually get to have, and/or a new small toy. It keeps them busy and they look forward to what surprises are in store! I try not to use the dvd player unless it's an emergency and it's strictly forbidden in areas where there is beautiful scenery. I don't want them to miss anything!


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