gallamore west: Five Tips for Stress-Free Back to School Drop Offs & Pick Ups

Monday, August 26, 2013

Five Tips for Stress-Free Back to School Drop Offs & Pick Ups

It's that time of year... either your kids have already gone Back to School, or if they're like mine, they're getting ready to head back in just a matter of days.  Either way, these Five Tips for Stress-free Back to School Drop Offs & Pick Ups will have you riding in style while dropping off and picking up your cuties without stressing out yourself out.

1- Drive a car that works for your family.  I have resisted being a "Minivan Mom" for years, but I am ready to upgrade from our gas-guzzling SUV to a Kia Sedona Minivan.  More than ready... I'm excited!  Why?  The Kia Sedona will work great for our family because of its affordable price that is lower than its competitors {to fit within our stretched budget, as a family of 6 living on one income in pricey San Diego, CA}, a roomy interior {for our four cute kiddos and all of my "projects" that I'm constantly finding at thrift stores/yard sales/side of the road and dragging home} and because of its superior warranty coverage {always a plus, just in case it's ever needed}.

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2-  Have easy entry and exit doors for all of the kids!  The Kia Sedona has automatic sliding doors on each side so that your kids can get in and out easily.  And believe me, as a Mom who has her behind sticking up in the air trying to buckle my little guys in and out of their car seats multiple time a day in our big SUV, this is KEY in not embarrassing your kiddos and stressing yourself out in the carpool line at school!

3-  Keep it clean!   Recently I've started spending about 30 minutes on Saturday mornings cleaning out the inside & washing the outside of our car.  It's amazing how dedicating just that little amount of time can make all the difference in enjoying a smooth, comfortable ride for my kids and me.  And not having crackers spill out of the car when dropping off the kiddos at school is a definite plus too! 

4- Keep it organized!  I have a small organization bin that each boy keeps in the car with stuff that they need/like.  The little guys have diapers and wipes in theirs too, so we're never caught without the necessities.  I also keep a bin with sweatshirts, a First Aid Kit, and water, just in case we ever need any of that.  Other than those necessities that you NEED for your family, clear out the rest of the "stuff" so that you aren't bothered by it.

5- Enjoy the ride! Having those precious minutes in the car each day with our kids as you drive them to or from school is a moment to grab onto- connect with them, ask them what their favorite thing about their school day was, and prepare them for what's on the agenda for the afternoon/evening.  

Driving your kids to school doesn't have to be stressful for you or your kids with these 5 easy tips.  And with a roomy, comfortable, stylish Kia Sedona minivan, you're well on your way to a HAPPY drive with your family! 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! A clear refreshing reminder to enjoy the little moments as we drive our little ones to school. This year I'm going to challenge myself to embrace the 5 min car ride and soak in the memories with my girls!! Much love-Meg

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Umm.. yes, These mini vans are so functional!!!

An Inviting Home said...


We just purchased a 12 passenger van...yikes! Now we can car pool and each child can bring a friend! :-) Great tips.



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