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Monday, July 22, 2013

Double Date at BJ's Restaurant!

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It was my birthday last week and I had SO much fun celebrating!  The day started out with a donut run in PJ's with our boys, yard sale treasure hunting {also in PJs!}, taking my boys to a fun pool party, a nap for me {wahoo!} AND a super fun Double Date Dinner at BJ's Restaurant!  BJ's  Restaurant is the perfect place to go for a fun double date because the atmosphere is fun, the service is good, and the food is delicious every time.

On our way out the door after leaving our four precious boys with our sweet babysitter, my husband and I realized that it was actually the very FIRST time that we had a babysitter stay with all four of them at once.  That's right... it was our first real date in over a year.  And we headed straight to BJ's Restaurant to try out their new BBQ menu!

I was really excited to try out BJ's Restaurant new BBQ menu, a collaboration with Big Poppa Smokers' Blue Ribbon Barbecue, because I am a BBQ girl.  That's right... born and raised in a BBQ restaurant.  Okay, I was actually born in a hospital, but BBQ is in my blood.  My family owned a BBQ restaurant for over 50 years.  I worked there since I was a little kid, peeling carrots and stirring beans in the kitchen after hours.  And I'm pretty sure that all through high school and college I smelled like BBQ sauce.  So, BJ's Restaurant had a lot to measure up to.

And it did not disappoint... BJ's Restaurant and Big Poppa Smokers' Blue Ribbon Barbeque have teamed up for a fabulous summer menu!

We started off by ordering the Corn Fritters with Bacon Aioli and they were amazing!  Seriously, these little corn fritters were so delicious.  They had a little bit of jalapeño in them for the perfect kick, and I really hope these stay on the menu forever because I will order them every single time I'm at BJ's Restaurant from now on.  Yep, they were THAT good!  Our friend Jeff loved the sauce so much that he asked for a side dish of the sauce to dip our Jallelujah spiced fries in... delicious!

My husband and I both ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich with seasoned wedge fries and coleslaw.

It was so good.  The pulled pork sandwich comes topped with thin, crispy, seasoned onion rings.  The meat was perfect- perfectly seasoned with BBQ sauce that was all the things I like in a BBQ sauce- a little sweet, a little tangy, a little smokey and a bit of a kick- it had it all.  Growing up in a BBQ Restaurant, I know a thing or two about good coleslaw and fries too.  Both of the side dishes were awesome, and the portions were generous enough that I brought home enough food for lunch the next day. 

My husband and I both were eyeing the Barbeque Combo and the Triple Berry Cobler Pizookie {also part of this specialty BBQ menu} for next time... another date night coming soon.  Pinch me, that would be fabulous! 

My sweet friend Kim and her husband, Jeff, joined us for dinner.  We've been talking about getting together with our husbands for months, and I'm so glad that we finally did.  It was a blast!  I definitely got my abs workout in for the day because I was laughing so hard the whole time.   Kim and Jeff shared the BBQ Chicken Pizza- it was deep dish, piled high with BBQ chicken and it looked so good.

And you really can't go to BJ's Restaurant without ordering a Pizookie.  You just can't... trust me!  We stuck with the original- the Chocolate Chunk Pizookie.   Doesn't it look delicious?

It was so good that it was GONE in about 5 seconds!  

We had such a fun Double Date at BJ's Restaurant!  The BJ's Restaurant Big Poppa Smokers' Blue Ribbon menu is only available for a limited time, so head over to your local BJ's Restaurant and see what everyone is talking about!  Available at most BJ's Restaurant locations {except Balboa, Laguna Beach, Belmont Shore, La Jolla, Westwood} until 9/2/13.  

Keep up with all the fun happening at BJ's!


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Drooling.... again! YUM!

Carmella said...

I hope you had a very happy birthday!! That dessert looked uh-mazing!


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