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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vintage Scooter Summer Porch

Are your kids out of school for summer?  
Lucky you!

We have eight more days until our Summer Break officially starts, but that hasn't kept us from getting a kick start on summer with picnics and enjoying the gorgeous San Diego weather {although that's pretty much all year long... lucky us!}  Our boys are always outside, so a summery front porch is the perfect view point to watch them play outside, run through the sprinklers, get muddy, be silly, and ride around on their bikes and scooters.  

I have a soft spot for scooters... I know, kind of a weird thing to have a crush on, right?  Maybe it's a Boy Mom thing... I'm not sure.  But when our Jake was about to turn four years old, ALL he did was zoom around on the cutest little vintage style scooter any chance he got.  

It wasn't really a vintage scooter, but a Radio Flyer scooter from the L.L. Bean Catalog sent to us by the boys Grandma back east.  He loved it so much that we had a "Vintage Scooter" Birthday Party for his 4th Birthday.  It was my favorite party that I've hosted to date because he loved it, and because of it fulfilled a dream of mine... having a party of mine featured on Hostess with the Mostess!  

Ever since planning Jake's Scooter Party over two years ago, I've had my eye out for a real vintage scooter, and I've run across a few but they were priced around $75.  That's definitely more than my bargain-hunting mind had in mind because it's solely for decoration.  I love to shop for fun, funky, unusual vintage finds and I'm super picky about what I bring home, but the bargain is definitely part of the thrill!  So when I saw this little wooden vintage scooter at a garage sale recently, I almost didn't even ask the price.  But I did as I was walking out and the lady said, "Um, four dollars?"  YES!!  So, she came home with me and promptly found her home as the focal point for our Vintage Scooter Summer Porch display! 

I used a vintage window that I got for free... hello, happy roadside find! {I had painted it yellow to use at our baby's 1st Bee-Day Party Brunch last month}.  I made a simple pennant paper from patterned paper and ribbon for the window, put my Interchangeable Chevron sign on an iron stand,  and painted a $1 frame from Michael's my favorite color {Folk Art Jamaican Sea}, spray painted the cardboard insert that came with the frame with Rustoleum Chalk Board Spray Paint, and hot glued on my favorite little detail from Jake's Vintage Scooter Party.  The chevron sign has a little nail on it so I can switch out the decoration for the season, so I just hung my $1 Michael's frame on it.

That tiny little scooter on the frame was the centerpiece on Jake's birthday cake at his Scooter Party!  I've kept it on a shelf in my Craft Area and I smile every time I see it because it reminds me of not only a fun birthday party, but meeting a goal of mine that I had set years earlier in blogging. 

Do you have a summer display somewhere inside or outside of your home?  I'd love to see it-  Leave me a link in the comments, and I'll come check it out!

I'm linking up my Vintage Scooter Summer Porch at some of my favorite party places.  xoxo

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