Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In the midst of the last week of school busyness this week, I've been stopped in my tracks.  
Multiple times.
And in a whirl of mixed emotions...

We're always told to just exhale!  Relax!  Slow down!
And with school ending on Friday I can't wait to 
just relax and exhale,
let out my breath and just BE with all of my boys...
without alarm clocks
without homework packets
without school bells
without parent signatures
and without packing school lunches for a few months.

But it is so easy to get caught up all that we "need" to do,
the busyness of...
teacher gifts
playgroup planning
summer company coming
end of year this and that
errands and laundry
and meetings
and making sure they get the right teacher for next year
and regular every day busy life
and exercising
and making healthy meals
and remembering to read books
and scrub behind their ears
and help them practice math facts
and feed the dog {oops... we love you Charley girl!}
that sometimes I forget to just STOP.

But this morning I stopped.

Right in the middle of 
a room that needed vacuuming,
a dishwasher that needed emptying,
laundry that needed folding,
bills that needed to be paid,
emails that needed to be answered,
phone calls that needed to be returned,
gifts that needed to be assembled.

And I stopped to INHALE.
I scooped up my two little babies 
and breathed them in.
We turned up the music,
danced around the room,
raced around giving piggyback rides,
and laughed 'til our bellies hurt.

Please someone tell me how I can bottle up the smell...
of sunscreen and apple slices,
mixed with a little bit of dirt and sunshine?

There are Mamas out there that are hurting...
hurting badly.
They would drop everything in the world 
for the chance to just breathe it in,
to INHALE the scent of their sweet, 
sticky little kids one more time.
This morning a beautiful little girl 
 went to heaven because of cancer.
Last week an adorable little boy 
 drowned in the swimming pool during a family party.
My Mama heart aches for these moms I've never met.

Not every moment in our lives is perfect
no matter how much 
Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages
make it look. 

Real life is a lot messier... 
mine is full of
dirty clothes,
potty training,
bugs, frogs, and lizards,
hurt feelings,
and complaining.

But it's also full of 
sticky kisses,
teachable moments,
funny jokes,
family hugs,
and tender moments.

So while the world is busy telling us to RELAX! and EXHALE!
while pumping us full of all of the things we "need" to be doing,  I'll just be over here in my little corner of the world
inhaling in the sweet scent of my boys and the tender moments in amongst the chaos that is our real life. xoxo
Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

You are a gem. Love ya!

Unknown said...

Well said Laure! Love it!! I love summers off and getting to be a stay at home mom again - even if i only for a little bit. xoxo I do miss that baby smell though...

jenny said...

Beautifully written & just what I needed to hear...thank you!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the reminder. I am already looking forward to scooping up my little ones after school today!!

Laura @ The Experimental Home said...

Beautiful. I want the smell of bananas mixed with No-more-tears and, of course, dirt.


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