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Friday, June 7, 2013

Healthy way to drop the baby weight... no pills, gyms or calorie counting!!

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Our fourth baby turned ONE last month and we celebrated him with a fun 1st Bee-Day Party!!  But long before the party prep started, I started working on something else really important... ME!!!  For almost six months now, I've been re-prioritizing my free time {ha!} to make sure that I take care of myself.  I want to feel good, be a good example to my kids, and quite honestly, I'd like to rock a bikini at the beach while running around with our four little boys!  I'm not quite there yet, but I WILL get there.
So starting the day our boys went back to school after Christmas break, I started exercising and eating healthy.  Now, almost six months later, I'm thrilled with where I'm at and even more excited about where I'm headed.  I've done one round of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, 2 rounds of Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30, I'm partway through 60 days of Insanity, and almost through my 2nd round of whole30, which is no cheating, strict Paleo eating .

Lots of people ask me what I'm doing and how I keep myself motivated, so here's my secret...  

There is NO secret, other than working my butt off and eating clean.  
And just KEEP GOING!!  

If you really truly want to get there, you have to stick with it.  Even when you've had a hard day and want to curl up on the couch with ice cream, work out and stick with clean eating instead.  I had to stop listening to all those excuses floating around out there because no one else can make this happen for me.  Technically I was well within the "healthy weight range" for someone my height & weight, but when I looked at my body, I knew I could do better.  

I eat only lean meat, eggs, seafood, vegetables, fruit, nuts and healthy oils {mainly coconut oil and a little olive oil}.  I only drink coffee in the morning {with a little coconut milk in it} and TONS of water the rest of the day.  That's it!  It takes a ton of willpower and dedication, but I feel amazing and full of energy.  I also don't take any supplements, pills, or drink any special shakes.  I don't count calories either!  I just make sure everything I choose to eat is good for me.  I want my body fueled with good food, not pumped full of sugar and junk.  I read the labels on EVERYTHING I eat.  If it has more than a handful of ingredients or contains stuff that I can't even pronounce, it goes back on the shelf.  Occasionally {and when not following whole30} I will enjoy a treat though.  But instead of beating myself up over it, I enjoy every single bite of it, knowing that I am working out hard and that one little treat will not derail me on my journey to becoming a bikini mama :)  I do plan my treats ahead of time though so that I'm not just indulging whenever something sounds good without thinking about it.

I'm very visual and I knew when I was just starting out on this journey that if I didn't keep track of how I was doing, I would quickly fall off the wagon.   So I made myself these little jars to keep track of every pound I lost, and I printed out these free calendars {from The Tomkat Studio} to check off every day that I ate right and exercised.  

Even still, looking back to January, it motivates me to get up and workout on those days when I'd rather crash and fall into bed early {I workout at night... crazy, but it works for me and my schedule}.  Those calendars from January- May are filled with happy stars!  And after adding crayons to the "Pounds to Lose" jar two times, every single one of them made their way over to the "Pounds Lost" jar.  I've lost 20+ pounds on top of losing the 30+ pounds I gained in my last pregnancy.  And that feels better than any cupcake could possibly taste!

Here I am in early May... 

I was seven pounds from goal weight then and I blogged about some of my tips on how I was working towards my goal weight here

Now that I have reached my goal weight though, I don't weigh myself too often.  In fact, I'm going 30 days without stepping on the scale right now!  The fact that I went from a size 8 jeans to a size 2 is way more satisfying than any number on the scale.

If you're a Mom, you know first hand all about the complete selflessness that motherhood requires.  Our bodies have gone through crazy changes to grow these amazing little people inside.  Then, we get spit up on, peed on, pooped on, handed trash from adorable little people, we get woken up at ungodly hours of the night, we eat our food cold while making sure we cut up our kids hot food, stay up late helping our kids with school projects, washing those baseball uniforms {again and again and again}, get up early to pack lunches and make sure backpacks are packed and school clothes are ready... and the list goes on and on.  In fact, sometimes we're so busy making sure our families are well cared for that we forget something really important... taking care of ourselves! 

But if you're feeling like it's YOUR time to get up and get yourself in shape, I can promise you that it is worth it.  I feel like a whole new person!  I have confidence that I had lost, willpower I didn't know I had, strength that I had only dreamed of, and I get to go shopping all the time because nothing in my closet fits me anymore!  I'll be back soon with a post on some new-to-me exercises that I am so excited about starting to help really tone up this Mommy Tummy {my problem area for sure}.  And I post a lot of pictures of my favorite clean eating foods and healthy tips on Instagram {where there is a HUGE, amazingly inspiring fitness community that I am just in awe over!} so if you'd like little snippets of healthy eating/fitness tips, be sure to follow Gallamore West on Instagram.  Have a great weekend! xoxo


Colleen said...

So inspiring and You look fabulous! Cannot wait to read more from you on this topic.

Michelle Robblee said...

Congrats to you! So exciting! I love reading your posts on your progress.

Shelly Dolen said...

SO inspiring!!! You look amazing!!

Abby Lawson said...

You look fantastic! Congrats on all of your hard work! I popped over from Tatertots and Jello--thanks for sharing!

~Abby =)

Jamie said...

Wow!!!! You look amazing!!! I might have to try insanity or the shred

Christine {Pure Joy Events} said...

You look incredible! Good for you! I've just started to eat healthier and exercise more too. Happy to see that it worked so well for you.

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Plain and simple- YOU ROCK! It is your attitude that is changing that hot bod! Love it girl!

Lewis N. Clark said...

I'd like to rock a bikini at the beach while running around with our four little boys! free pass 24 hour fitness

umar kk said...

I'm not quite there yet, but I WILL get there. Tips to Gain Weight Fast


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