Coffee & Crafting Pinterest Party with Gevalia Coffee!

Friday, June 14, 2013

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I looooove my coffee as much as I love my time with my girlfriends, so I was thrilled to be able to host a Gevalia House Party last weekend. I decided to go with a Coffee & Crafting Pinterest Party theme, so naturally Gevalia coffee was the perfect drink to sip on while crafting away on a Patriotic Wreath for our front doors, just in time for the 4th of July!

Gevalia coffee is great anytime of the day or evening, but it really goes perfectly with dessert, so I picked up this amazing Safeway Select Boston Cream Cake from the bakery at my local Vons grocery store. It tasted every bit as wonderful as it looked. The chocolate layer was so rich and thick, the cake was perfectly light and fluffy, and the creme layer was heavenly!

I also picked up some strawberries that I dipped in chocolate and displayed in a ceramic egg crate on top of these fun red suitcases,

and I also bought some iced lemon cookies to serve out of my vintage milk glass pedestal vase. Yum!

Have you ever tried Gevalia coffee?

I hadn't tried it before this, and I'm sure glad that I did because the Chocolate Mocha ground coffee is my new favorite coffee! For real, I'm a HUGE coffee lover and this is the ONLY coffee I've had since last weekend. I've had it every morning this week and it is a definite staple on my Vons grocery list from now on.

 And really, yes, there is always time for coffee!

I admit that I was REALLY excited to decorate for this because I love beautiful product packaging, and yellow and aqua just happen to be my two favorite colors together.  So I went to town setting up for my Gevalia House Party! 

I printed out some fun coffee sayings to display...

and I used a real burlap coffee bag as a tablecloth, decorated water bottles with scrapbooking paper, displayed sunflowers in pretty vases, and made little washi tape/twine banners to display.

No party is complete in my mind without party favors!

So to keep with the coffee theme I put some chocolate covered espresso beans in these cute little bags sealed with washi tape and attached them with mini clothespins to my chicken wire frame.

For the Crafting part of our night, I had pinned a cute Patriotic wreath a while back that was originally made by After looking at many 4th of July/Patriotic crafts, I decided to go with this one because it was adorable, not too complicated and I knew that it was something that would not be overwhelming for us.  Even if you're someone who really loves and knows how to craft, part of being at a Pinterest Party is enjoying your time, relaxing, chatting, eating & drinking, and not stressing out about the craft!  I wanted to make sure that everyone brought home their craft completed. It turned out to be such a fun craft.  The ribbon parts were simple and quick, and none of us had ever made the paper "firecracker" decorations, so it was fun to learn something new.

We sipped on our Gevalia coffee, 
ate sweet desserts, 
and had a great time crafting together!

I think it's always fun to see everyone's little differences on the same project when crafting with friends.

 {My apologies for the poor quality of this late night iphone picture, but aren't those wreaths adorable?}

My friend Kari mentioned that she doesn't always drink coffee because it makes her feel weird and jittery. But when she was leaving that night she asked what was different about Gevalia coffee because she didn't feel any of that jittery-ness that she normally feels. Gevalia just tastes so smooth. I think that's because Gevalia coffee began brewing coffee in Gavle, Sweden in 1853, where traditional cast-iron roasting developed its distinctively rich, smooth taste that’s never bitter and because Gevalia is expertly made with carefully selected beans and ground extra-fine to produce a rich coffee experience. Seriously, this coffee is amazing- full of flavor and smooth, while still being rich and bold. Like I said, I'm a huge coffee drinker, and Gevalia stood its ground in comparison to any other "fancy" coffee brand out there!

I'm an old-school, coffee pot girl who usually is particular about my coffee and I always grind my beans fresh before brewing. Although this time I just couldn't pass up trying out the Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla varieties, so I bought them and they came already ground... so convenient!  But if you like whole bean coffee, Gevalia has whole bean options too, and if you've got to have your K-cups, Gevalia now comes in single serve cups for your Keurig® K-Cup® Brewer, perfect for a quick Gevalia fix. {Kraft Foods is not affiliated with Keurig, Inc. KEURIG and K-CUP are registered trademarks of Keurig, Inc.} 

And since I've posted a few pictures of our Coffee & Crafting Pinterest Party, I've seen a few friends on various social media outlets talk about hosting their own Pinterest Parties soon and making the same Patriotic Wreath that we made at this Coffee & Crafting Pinterest Party! I hope that they will serve up some Gevalia coffee & amazing desserts from their local Safeway or Vons too.  Most all of Gevalia's many varieties of coffee are available at Safeway/Vons.  As a busy Mom of four little ones, I appreciated the convenience of just running into my local Vons {Safeway in many parts} and walking out with delicious desserts and smooth, rich coffee ready to be brewed. It made hosting this Gevalia House Party such a breeze!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

First off.. cute wreaths! Second... you had me at coffee! As I gulp mine down right now..yum yum! What a fun party!

Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

You are so adorable and FUN! This is the cutest Momma CraftDate EVER!


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