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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All American Backyard BBQ the F&Easy Way!

Fresh & Easy
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The sun is shining, the days are getting longer, the pool is getting warmer, and it's time for backyard grilling!  This is my favorite time of year to get together with family and friends to enjoy a delicious grilled meal outdoors.  With four busy little boys though, it's sometimes hard to pull off a healthy, delicious meal without feeling like I need 10 arms to take care of the kids while preparing a meal!  Luckily though, our neighborhood Fresh & Easy makes it so "F&Easy" to entertain in style.

For our All American Backyard BBQ this past weekend, I stocked up on all of the essential menu items for our feast.

First, I picked up a Mixed Grill Pack because our family LOVES the variety.  The Mixed Grill Pack comes with 12 servings of meat: 4 hamburgers, 4 sweet italian sausages, and 4 pieces of chili cilantro chicken, so there is something for everyone to love.  Just open up one package, put the meat on the grill, and there you have it... a variety of grilled meats to please everyone at your BBQ.  How "F&Easy" is that?  I love it!

These fresh&easy Organic Fiesta Mix Tortilla Chips are just about the only chips I'll buy because we try to eat healthy, so we generally don't have chips in our house.  But these chips are made with a short list of all organic ingredients.


The red, white, and blue colors make them perfect for patriotic, summer gatherings.  But they get their colors from natural seasonings, like chipotle, and not from artificial dyes, a big win in my book!

I love that I can feel confident knowing that I am buying great food for my family when I shop at Fresh & Easy because many of their products are organic, and made without artificial dyes, trans fats, or high fructose corn syrup.

These fresh&easy Organic Italian Sodas were definitely a hit at our BBQ.  And I have to admit, I love pretty packaging so these beauties caught my eye right away.  Aren't they gorgeous?  They would be perfect to serve at a brunch, baby shower, birthday party, or any gathering.

Everything from the gourmet hamburger buns to the perfectly crunchy corn to the crisp cool watermelon to the easy to prep fresh&easy Caesar Salad was perfect for our All American Backyard BBQ.  Everyone was all smiles with this delicious dinner!

Even a clean eating Mom like myself is completely delighted with Fresh & Easy, which isn't always the case when reading labels at a grocery store.  But Fresh & Easy hits a home run! 

I am always looking for salsa without added sugar, so I was thrilled that the fresh&easy salsa was not only delicious, but organic and made without any sugar added. 

And for those with a sweet tooth, Fresh & Easy hits it out of the park with their Bakery & Desserts selection.  I picked up some cute little mini lemon bundt cakes, mini chocolate bundt cakes, along with some fun patriotic cookies for the kids. 

Fresh & Easy is the perfect place to stop to grab a quick, beautiful dessert or a bundle of fresh flowers when you're on your way to your next party.  

Fresh & Easy is a great place to shop not just for a BBQ or party though... My husband loves the new fresh&easy Quick & Easy Frozen Entrees to bring to work for lunch.

And on busy nights packed with sports practices and homework, Fresh & Easy's Kitchen to Go is a lifesaver at keeping us out of the dreaded fast food drive thru!

So write down your grocery list, grab your coupon for $5 of a $20 purchase, and plan your next get together made "F&easy" and delicious with Fresh & Easy!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

No joke.. I was at this store everyday this past weekend..grabbing goodies left and right! LOVE me some Fresh & Easy...yep! Great fun post..looks like a HIT!

Melanie said...

OH how I miss that store!! I was seriously salivating reading this article!! I should do some writing to see if they can open one up way up here. Also, I think your comments got hacked, you may want to remove the previous 4.


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