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Friday, May 17, 2013

1st Birthday Bee-Day Brunch!

Our youngest son, Bryce, turned ONE this week!  We've been celebrating him for weeks already, starting with his Smash Cake Party.

And recently we celebrated with a 1st Birthday Bee-Day Brunch with family and close friends.

I have always wanted to have a bee theme party, but with 4 boys it was nearly impossible to find any bee party decor that was "boy enough" while still being cute.  I've seen a few good black and yellow bee parties for boys, but I really wanted to step out and incorporate some aqua and gray.  I couldn't find any printables that matched what I had in mind, so I made them all myself using my Silhouette.
I love mixing modern and vintage together, so this distressed honeycomb background had me all sorts of excited.  Anyone else get really excited about paper?!

For decorations, I didn't spend much because I have a lot of yellow and aqua things around our house already because they're my two favorite colors.  

I bought just one yard of this aqua/white chevron fabric that I used to make a wreath for the front door {that I can't believe I didn't get a picture of} and I just laid the extra fabric out on this tall chest as part of the decorations. 

I loved using my chalkboard from stitched. for a photo display, just like I did for our son Jake's dinosaur party last year.

And I really fell in love with this old chicken wire frame, also from stitched.  When I won a gift certificate from them recently in celebration of them reaching 500 Facebook fans, I was so excited to pick this up!

It worked great for a little photo display with a washi tape/twine banner and little beehive labels for the pictures.

I found almost everything else I wanted at my local Party City.  Did you know that they have all kinds of fun paper honeycomb decorations?  And they are really inexpensive too.

They also sell these cute polka dot balloons that Bryce couldn't keep his eyes off of.

And let's talk about that highchair!!

I've been on the look-out for a vintage wooden highchair like this one for YEARS... literally since our 1st baby turned one, and he's going to be 9 this year!  Every one I found was SO expensive, or just not quite what I was looking for.  Recently on our way to a birthday party we drove by a thrift store with this one sitting out front.  I told my husband that if it was still there on the way back, it was meant to be.  And sure enough it was, and it was a total bargain.  I LOVE it!  I painted it a soft yellow.

Inspired by the always adorable Love The Day, I made these beehive cutouts glued onto long wooden dowels and tied with tons of coordinating ribbon.  These were in the flower bed along the walkway to our porch.
I also made a no-sew burlap flag with a stenciled bee and ribbon.  I loved it so much that it's now our front yard Spring/Summer flag.

On the porch was a vintage window painted the same yellow as the highchair and decorated with a banner made from coffee filters, ribbon, and papers designed on my Silhouette.

And for activities I knew that the kids usually have the most fun just playing together and not having Mom boss them around to do a bunch of stuff :) so I just set out a basket of bubbles on the porch table, along with an art table with white card stock, markers, crayons, and foam stickers.  We also had sidewalk chalk for the driveway.

We had a delicious brunch...

that included home-baked muffins, yogurt & berry parfaits, veggies, honey ham, Trader Joe's Spinach Ravioli {yum}, honey pretzels, and more.

For dessert, you've got to have that 1st Birthday Smash Cake, right?  Luckily because of this 1st Birthday Smash Cake blog post, I have SO many amazing, adorable pictures of Bryce really getting into his 1st cake, like this one...

So on his party day, the cake part was very simple.

He just ate a little bit of cake and wanted to share, which made me even more glad that I had done a Smash Cake Party just with our little family ahead of time. 

We also had a dessert display set up on my craft hutch.

There were lemon, vanilla, and chocolate cupcakes, Oreo truffles, Spring Oreos {because they have yellow frosting and little bees on them} and my favorite lemon bites from Costco.  Have you had them?  Ohhhh, they are the best!

For party favors, I decided to go simple and skip the sugar or a bunch of stuff that would end up getting thrown away.

So we just had one small favor for each kid- a little bee craft for the bigger kids and yellow sidewalk chalk in a bee holder for the little ones.  I loved these little paper kraft bags that I found at Paper Source recently.  I've had that bee stamp for years and wanted to use it for this party, so I skipped typing out tags for the favor bags like I normally do and stamped this simple tag instead. 

Our sweet boy Jake also had a birthday coming up soon, so he had a special cake and we sang Happy Birthday to him too.  He was thrilled {a blog post about his super fun non-party birthday is coming soon!}

And our oldest son always likes to help decorate for any party we host.  I love this picture he drew for Bryce's party.

I'm going to frame it and hang it in Bryce's room for him.

What a fun, exciting, and QUICK year it has been!  
Photo credit: Autumn Bradshaw Photography

It was such a nice day celebrating our sweet Bryce.  He is the perfect addition to round out and complete our family of wild, fun, silly, crazy, messy, adorable, beautiful, cuddly, precious BOYS!  We are so very grateful to have our sweet Bryce in our family.  

Thank you for visiting Gallamore West!  

I'll be sharing this 1st Bee-Day Brunch at some of my favorite places.  And I'd love to have you follow Gallamore West on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter! xoxo


Jaimee @ Craft, Interrupted said...

comPLETELY adorable! You did such an amazing job, and your boys are sweet as pie!

Jo said...

I love how simple and cute it all is!


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