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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games Book Club

I loved being in Book Club- a super fun group of girls, mostly drama-free {wink... but seriously, that's impressive} who got together for YEARS for fun, laughter, and sometimes we actually read some books too :)

Here are some pictures from our The Hunger Games book club... I hosted this about two years ago, well before all of these coordinated "rustic" printables were floating around.  And yes, I realize that my version is WAY too fancy to represent what the Games were really like {as though they happened in real life!}, but I was going for a fun, pretty night for Book Club.  There was a reason that I chose purple as the main color, but I can't even remember it now... enjoy the pics!

I typed out a few quotes from the book 
like this one for the front door...

And this one that I put on a cute little frame stand at the beginning of the buffet-style food set-up...
This is one of my favorite ice-breaker games so get people mingling when they first walk in the door.  I've done this game a million times for baby showers, book club, MOMS Club parties, and it's a hit every time.  All you do is choose a category {like celebrity Moms or famous people from history, etc.} and put a label on each person's back when they come in the door.  They have to mingle and ask "yes or no" questions until they find out what their label says.  For this version, I chose books that we had read in our Book Club {proof that we actually did read!}

Another quote from the book, with a white rose just like President Snow left in Katniss' room...

I always display the book we read as part of the Book Club decor too {plus it's helpful if someone wants to refer back to anything during our meaningful discussions of the book :)}

I wanted to chose food to serve that all came from the story- like I said, it's been a couple of years since I read the books, but I do remember it being a challenge to come up with food ideas that were actually something that people would eat!  So, while our food for the night was a little random, everything we ate is represented in the book...

Our main dish was a Potato and Ham Hash like when the group was hiding out in the back of that store {seriously, I should've blogged about this when it was fresh in my mind because I know my description isn't great due to prego Mama memory!}...

The bread from the bakery...
There weren't actually delicious Peanut Butter cup cookies in the story, but I had just discovered a recipe that day that I couldn't resist so I made it work by working in the name of a character instead...

Nightlock~ Eat if you dare!  
I bought some really dark purple candy that 
I thought resembled Night Lock...

And was so excited to display it on this little stand with a bird {think Mocking Jay, another book in The Hunger Games series} that was actually supposed to be a jewelry holder from Forever 21 that I use as a candy dish instead... it's holding Easter candy right now.

 To drink, we had President Snow's Poison...

And the Apple Cider that was served at 
Annie and Finnick's Wedding...

And what's a party without a party favor?  
I made these little white chocolate roses 
{to represent the white rose President Snow left in 
Katniss' room} for the girls to take home.

So, who is going to the midnight showing tonight?  
Not this prego, tired mama, 
but eat some buttery popcorn for me if you are!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

April Fool's Day Dinners!

With St. Patrick's Day done {and lots of clean-up happening now} I'm looking ahead to more fun Spring time fun... I love all these fun little celebrations during this time of year.  And next up is April Fool's Day!

For the past couple of years, I've been surprising my boys with a fun dinner surprise... click on the links for the blog posts with tutorials.

What about you?  
Do you do anything fun for April Fool's Day?  
I'd love to hear your ideas!

This year I might throw in a couple of extra silly surprises in addition to our special dinner... stay tuned as I narrow down the details.  And be sure to follow Gallamore West on Facebook where I'll be sharing fun April Fool's Day ideas I find around blog land :)

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day from O'Gallamore West!

We LOVE St. Patrick's Day around here, so we always pack in a ton of fun!

The boys and I made these fun little Rice Krispy Shamrock Pops to send to school {with cute free printable tags from the always adorable Jessica at Modern Moment Designs- I met her in real life last summer and she is soooo sweet and fun!}

That sneaky little leprechaun always comes to our house during the night and he does all kinds of crazy stuff!  {Click here for last year's fun stuff.}  He always puts our shoes on top of the fridge, but we don't mind because he fills them with gold coins {the chocolate kind, of course!}

This year he also turned our milk green, sprinkled glitter in our beds and on our heads, turned pictures on the walls upside down, turned our bar stools upside down and put oranges on all of the stools, and left our toilets with green pee and gold glitter.  He also covered every bare surface of our home with confetti and sparkles... fun stuff!

Sam was determined to catch the leprechaun this year and made the cutest little trap all by himself.  He decorated the table with some of his St. Patrick's Day projects from school
 {I didn't get a picture with the top on the trap... it was covered with gold coins, shiny pennies, and a little black pot to entice the leprechaun to climb up, then FALL in!}
 He even wrote this little note {since leprechauns are so naughty, he knew that leaving this note would encourage the leprechaun to climb the ladder}.

Which, of course, the leprechaun did climb...
see those little foot prints?

And we were sooo close to catching him... 
here's a little poem that Lucky O'Leprechaun left :)

We also celebrated with a St. Patrick's Day Top O' the Mornin' Breakfast {thank you to My Sister's Suitcase for the adorable idea and free printables from their guest post on}

I decorated the table with some adorable free printables from Love the Day... the boys loved the silly mustaches!

{whoops... sorry that my finger's in this blurry picture.  It was a crazy morning here!}

Now the Corned Beef and Cabbage is in the crock pot, the Pistachio Cake is cooling on the counter, and this Mama Leprechaun is off for a quick little leprechaun nap!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mama Guilt and a look back at St. Patrick's Day '11

Ohhh, the guilt...

the guilt I feel as a Mama when I feel like I'm not doing enough...
enough laundry, enough fun stuff, enough cuddling, enough cleaning, enough vegetables at the dinner table...

the guilt I feel as a Blogger when I run out of fun stuff to talk about, or like recently, when I've been overwhelmed with life and haven't wanted to be Debbie Downer {this is supposed to be a FUN blog after all, right?} or feeling like it's all about growing numbers for some bloggers and letting them pass me by because I crave a REAL connection with the bloggers that I follow, and hopefully with those that choose to follow me too...

the guilt I feel as a wife when all I want to do is curl up with my pillow and go to bed early...

It's all normal, right?  
My word for 2012 is BALANCE.  
And yet sometimes that is the hardest thing 
in the world to maintain. 

 I definitely haven't figured out a way to balance it all, but I have figured out one part of it all- life is flying by and I won't remember all the time spent on Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, email, catching up on TV shows, etc...  I could spend a million hours doing mindless things that will all blend into the past, 

spending real quality time curled up with a good book,
or in the company of a true friend, 
or tickling my boys and hearing their genuine laughter,
or watching a magic show performed by our kids in the family room,
or peeking in my baby boy's room while he's napping and just marveling at his beauty
or even something as simple as slowing down and saying yes when my 4 year old wants to crack the eggs for the cookies we're baking...

THOSE are the things that I treasure.  

And these three boys are my Lucky Charms.

Here's a look back at St. Patrick's Day with the boys last year... I have all kinds of fun planned for them this year!  Check out my "at the end of the rainbow" board on Pinterest for some great ideas- there are SO many talented people with amazing ideas out there!   

I'm off to make some memories with my boys now :)


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