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Monday, December 3, 2012

Recycled Baby Food Jar Advent Calendar

I cannot believe we're already into December!  

Last year I used my BIG chalkboard to create our Advent Calendar.  As much as I love my big awesome chalkboard {I've blogged about it here and here too} I wanted to switch things up this Christmas and use my new hutch for our Advent Calendar. 

With a baby boy devouring baby food all of a sudden, I figured that I would take advantage of it and use some of these adorable glass baby food jars for our Advent Calendar this year.  Yes, I know that they make plastic containers and even squeezable containers, but I love the old fashioned glass jars.  Honestly, I like to make baby food myself because it's super fresh and cheaper than buying it, but I needed the jars for this project :)

Here's what I used...

-24 glass baby food jars {because we never end up opening the 25th one since it's Christmas and we're busy celebrating and enjoying the day, with plenty of other things to open that day!}

-Red and white baker's twine

-Light green spray paint

-White paint 

-White card stock paper that I painted with chalkboard paint

-Mod Podge

-2 inch circle punch

-Chalk Ink pen

After cleaning out the jars, removing the labels and drying the jars, I squeezed in about a tablespoon or so of white paint and swirled it and shook it around to lightly coat the inside of each jar.  I set them all out on the lawn on a cookie sheet for about a day to dry.  Meanwhile, I spray painted the lids light green.  They dried quickly, so I brought them inside and hot glued on some red & white bakers twine around the outer rim.  For the labels, I took a regular piece of white card stock, painted it with 2 coats of chalkboard paint, and let it dry.  Once dry, I used a 2 inch circle punch to make 24 circles.  I applied the chalkboard labels to the jars using a thin coat of Mod Podge on the back {I actually tried hot glue first, but it looked bumpy and didn't hold the paper well on the glass}.  Once the labels dried on the jars, I used a blue Chalk Ink pen from Michael's to write the numbers 1-24 on the jars.  

So, what do I put in the jars?

I *try* not to let my boys eat too much candy and sweets, so I fill up our Advent Calendar with fun memory making things on most days and just give a little bit of candy on the days when I'm lacking motivation for an activity.  I also don't fill up every day's jar all at the beginning of the month.  I do it a few days at a time so I can see if the upcoming activities I have planned in my mind will actually work with our schedule/time that day...  like if I want to decorate sugar cookies, I need to plan it for a day that we'll actually have enough time to sit down and do it.  

Here's some of the activities that I'll fill the jars with...

-Write Santa a letter {This is tomorrow's activity... running a little late, but excited to get it done so we can stop talking about all of our "wants" and focus on enjoying the season}

-Open Christmas pajamas 
{They usually do this on Dec. 1st, but I'm still waiting for one pair of their pjs to arrive!} 

-Unwrap a Christmas book to read {I'll do this for a few of the nights}

-Family Christmas Movie Night in your Christmas pjs 
{This will be done a few times too, like on Friday nights}

-Decorate sugar cookies

-Make gingerbread cookies

-Wear Santa hats and deliver baked goods to neighbors

-Drive around to look at Christmas lights and pick our favorites to drop off a treat on their porch {We'll do this a few times too}

-Decorate gingerbread houses

- Sing Christmas songs around the piano with hot chocolate and cookies

- Go to Jungle Bells at the Nighttime Zoo

-Christmas craft {We'll do a few of those}

-Make cinnamon applesauce ornaments 

-Make Christmas cards for Grandparents and Teachers

 - Small candy treat {A few jars will have that}

What about you?  
Do you plan out the whole month ahead of time, or fill them in as you go?  

We love Christmas, and I love doing an Advent "Countdown" Calendar because it really helps us to have a plan of what we want to do before the whole month passes us by.  I hope your Christmas season is off to a great start!  xoxo

I'm sharing my Recycled Baby Food Jar Advent Calendar at some of my favorite party places.


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