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Friday, November 2, 2012

Luke's Clifford 2nd Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Luke!

Our sweet Luke turned 2 this past Sunday.  Luke holds such a special place in my heart that I can't even put it into words {although I did attempt to put it into words awhile back... you can read more about it here}. Some days I can't believe he's already two years old, and at other times I can't believe he's only two because he is such a huge part of our family that it seems like he's been here forever.  That, and he runs me ragged most days so I'm really just so exhausted I can't keep track of time anymore ;)

Luke doesn't watch much TV because 1) I don't like my kids watching TV much, and 2) he doesn't sit still for longer than 2.5 seconds tops.  But when he does watch a little TV, he loves Clifford.  So we celebrated with a very small family dinner party with a non-commercial Clifford birthday party with a little bit of Chevron thrown in for fun {because what 2 year old doesn't like a little Chevron, right?!}

{Thank you to Jen @ Twiddler House for sharing this with me... so funny!}
So, wanting to incorporate a little bit of Clifford into the party, I designed this simple invitation using a free chevron pattern from Sprik Space and I found an image of Clifford online.

{jealous of my awesome editing skills there? picmonkey has been freaking out on me for days, so that was my feeble attempt to blur out our address and stuff} 
The only other Clifford items were these- a little stuffed Clifford that Luke LOVES and carries around and talks to it ALL the time

and this Clifford's Birthday Party book.  I love incorporating a book into our boy's birthday parties, like at Jake's Dinosaur Party.  The stuffed animal and book were both purchased on Amazon.

I stayed up late one night painting this little birthday shirt for Luke using freezer paper stencils cut on my Silhouette and a $4 long sleeved red t-shirt from Target.

{#latenightcrafting on instagram seems to have a lot of my pics... bad habit, these late nights!}

I bought this hutch from a man who buys and fixes up old/vintage/used furniture a few months back.  It's part of my {yet to be blogged about} updated Craft Corner and I love it!  It's perfect for displaying my favorite cake plates every day, and on special occasions like this, it's the perfect place to create a fun little party display.

For his cake, I used a Betty Crocker French Vanilla cake mix, but I added an extra egg, milk instead of water, and a cup of sour cream to give it a more rich, homemade taste.  And I frosted it with a homemade batch of Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Frosting.  I know that chocolate foodies {or are they called chocolate-oodies?} turn up their noses at Hershey's chocolate, but I think Hershey's cocoa powder
is perfect for making fabulous, rich chocolate frosting. 

The little bones sprinkles on the cake were from the     Halloween section at Michael's, but I thought they were a  cute little touch for a Clifford party.

I bought a roll of red/white chevron packing tape because it was so cute that I couldn't pass it up, but didn't really have a use in mind for it.  I ended up using it on the water bottles.  I just took off the labels and wrapped a bit of red & white Chevron packing tape around them- super cute and so easy!

 Honestly, I don't even really like Coke, but these were too cute to pass up.  I tied some twine that held a cute stripey straw with each of them. The twine & straws were both from The TomKat Studio.

{instagram pic from when I was prepping... ignore the Halloween table runner}

Then I put the Coke bottles in this cute little red suitcase with blue stitching.  I LOVE these little cuties that were originally used for this Red Vintage Scooter Birthday Party {suitcases purchased from Amazon}.   

And then I took this really blurry picture... whoops.

We love our little Luke so much!  He is sweet and funny, and he surprises us with new little words, phrases and songs often these days.  He loves his family so, so much.  He loves cuddling with his baby brother, and when his big brothers let him in on their big boy fun, he is so thrilled and happy to play with them.  He loves to eat almost anything.  He loves to fill his own cups of water and drink out of big boy cups.  He still loves his pacifier, although not for much longer ;)  He loves animals, especially dogs {all dogs are Char-Char, from our dog Charley who we call Char-Char}, cows {moo-moos} and ducks {quack-quacks}.  He loves playing outside, and luckily for me, he loves to sleep.  He is a great napper and an even better all night sleeper... 
yay, Luke!

My favorite moment recently was when we were walking into Target {no surprise there, right?} and he pointed to the big Target sign out front and said, "A... E..." as he pointed to the letters.  My least favorite moment recently- it's a tie between him missing the step between our sidewalk and our driveway, and his poor cute little nose and forehead slid across the cement {as seen in the pictures here} and when he sang the theme song to Sponge Bob, complete with the little flute playing on his nose part at the end {no really, I don't let them watch too much TV!}

I loved his little Clifford party because LUKE loved it.  It wasn't big, fancy, or overwhelming for him.  He got to run around and play in the dirt, and play with his favorite people in the world- his family.  I didn't take a ton of pictures and the ones I did take were taken in our house that doesn't have great lighting, so I used a flash in them.  But then I got to put my camera down and enjoy the time with Luke and our other kids, and that was what was really important after all.  

Thanks for visiting Gallamore West and seeing Luke's Clifford Birthday Party pictures!  It's a busy few weeks around here as we prep for out of town company, the ending of Jake's soccer season and soccer party, and Sam's 8th Birthday Party too. Hope you're having a fun Fall too! xoxo

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Four Marrs and One Venus said...

LUKE! You are 2?! How and When did that happen Laurie?! He is so blasting cute- and look at you fun mama-- this party is off the hizzle Clifford Style! Adorable!! I love the hutch-- yes you need to blog about that find! Perfect!

Jen said...

So cute! I think all your little details are perfect - how clever to use Halloween bones as doggie bones! I can't believe your little Luke is already TWO! I feel like he just got here...and yet his little bro is already growing up right behind him. So glad he (and you) had a happy day. :)

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

I can't believe little Lukers is TWO already! I still think of him as a baby! And he's starting to look a lot more like Jake!! xoxo AND I love every single little detail -- the hutch is GORGEOUS and all the little chevron detail, and the bones on the cake!?! SO cute!!! Great job mama! It looks like a very special and fun day! I can't wait to see what you do for Sam's party! (I'm with ya on the close dates - Sean's birthday, Trev's AND Christmas all within 6 weeks! Sheesh!!) :):)

Hilani Ellis said...

Looks like so much fun!!! I love it, can you threw my next party for me. :D

Anonymous said...

EEP! That is just too sweet!

Kathryn said...

Cute, cute, cute. Everything from the invitations, to the shirt, to your adorable son!


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