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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hola School!

These boys soaked in every last second that they could of this summer before starting school on Tuesday! 

Even though we miss Jake's preschool {it truly was a special place} I am soooo very happy that both of these sweeties are at the same school and on the same schedule.  They have been so excited to be at the same school.  We walk to school everyday, so I hardly even have to get in my car anymore  {yay for saving $ on gas... geesh!}

On Tuesday morning, our Kindergartener Jake was the 1st one up and out of bed, ready for his 1st day.  He wore his backpack around the house for half an hour before it was time to leave... so cute! 

 But when we got to school, my boys stilled seemed calm & relaxed, while I tried my best to hide it that I was a ball of nerves.  Our oldest started in a Multi-Age Technology Classroom, and our Kindergartener started in Spanish Immersion.  I was SO nervous for him.  We've practiced some Spanish over the summer, and have talked so much about what to expect and how it's okay that he won't understand at first.  But still... I imagined that tears would flow and I'd be stuck wondering if I made the right choice or not.  


Have you ever been so incredibly pleased and proud of your kids that you just can't stop thinking about it?  Of course, there are plenty of "toys all over the floor" and "please stop whining" and "don't forget your manners" moments with kids, but forget all that for a minute.  

I'm talking about those beautiful, rare, amazing moments where you are so impressed that you can't even imagine why these amazing little people are entrusted to you?   

I have been amazed and humbled so far with my boys' attitudes in their new classrooms.  No tears, all smiles, and plenty of new knowledge shared with us at home.  

I mean, look at this little guy.  He went from two half-days at preschool to full-day total Spanish Immersion and he walks in for Day 2 like it's just no biggie.  

My heart is happy beyond words.

The night before school started, we read special books, including our favorite Back to School book, The Kissing Hand.  Have you read it?  I totally cry every time!  And I made these little Rice Krispie treat "kissing hands" for their after school snack on their 1st day.  I have a million and one cookie cutters, but I can't find my hand cookie cutter, so those were cut freehand... don't judge, I tried :))

The boys each brought their new teacher a cute little container from Target filled with lots of supplies and a little questionnaire from one of my favorite blogs, Thirty Handmade Days. It's super helpful to learn more about their favorite stuff now so we have ideas of what to get them for holidays, birthdays, and Teacher Appreciation Days! 

{sorry about that horrible lighting... I got to bed sooo late the night before school started!}

And, please no one tell Luke's big brothers that he really likes to "take care" of their fish while they're at school... yesterday I found his pacifier floating in their tank.  Oops!

Are your kids enjoying the new school year?  

Do you have any fun Back to School traditions 
that you look forward to each year?

Feel free to share your stories & 
traditions in the comments!! 

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Tonia L said...

So sweet! My kids have done great so far!

Jen said...

Oh, I'm so glad their year is off to a great start! Jake looks happy, for sure!

What is this "Spanish Immersion" class you have him in? I've never heard of that for Kinder. Is it really ALL Spanish, all year long?


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