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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Fun Chalkboard!

Oh, Fall... we're ready for you now!  

School's back in, the leaves are falling, but it's a million degrees outside today {ugh!}  But I'm hoping that by making Halloween and Fall wreaths, baking with pumpkin, and clicking the heels of my flip-flops together, we can usher in some fall weather here soon {as Fall-ish as it can get in San Diego!}

Whenever Fall decides to arrive, we're ready for it with our 
Fall Fun Chalkboard! 

There are so many fun things to do and important celebrations in our family during Fall.  So, to keep us on track with all the fun stuff we want to do and not let things pass us by in the busyness of daily life with 4 little boys I decorated our huge chalkboard from Stitched. with these fall leaves cut on my Silhouette and attached with jute & mini clothespins.  And yes, "Eat a Costco pumpkin pie" is on our list... gotta pace myself with those or I'll look like a pumpkin by the end of Fall :)

Ever wonder how people get their writing to not look like a wobbly Kindergartener's writing on a chalkboard?  {Not that wobbly Kindergartener writing isn't cute... it's adorable when actually done by my Kindergartener, but not when written by me!}  Chalk Ink pens are great for smooth, pretty handwriting on chalkboard.   
Bring your 40% off coupon to Michael's, or have it ready on your fancy phone, because these markers are a little pricey.

Then to make our chalkboard fall leaves decoration have a purpose too {other than just looking pretty} I added things that we'd like to do this fall & important celebrations {2 of our boys have Fall birthdays} to the leaves.  

I'm loving the look of our Fall Fun Chalkboard and now just impatiently waiting for the weather to get on board too!  Is it Fallish weather yet for you?  What are your favorite Fall activities?

Have a great weekend!! xoxo

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Meghan said...

Awesome chalkboard!

Craftberry Bush said...

so the idea of having a bucket list like this...thank you so much for sharing...xo

The Jenson's said...

Very Cute idea to wright what you want to do on leaves! I can't wait for fall weather too!

jaime ♥ raising up rubies said...

very cute idea! thank you for sharing ♥

Taryn @ Design, Dining + Diapers said...

What an adorable idea Laurie! This is so cute and I bet the boys love it. :)

Mandy Beyeler said...

Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Crafts - you were featured today! - Mandy,


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