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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Drink Station

Whoosh... this summer is flying by!  I am absolutely LOVING having my four little guys home with me every day.  

We're staying up late, 
sleeping in, 
having a ridiculous number of jammies days, 
swimming like little fish, 
going to the beach, 
the zoo, 
the Wild Animal Park, 
making snow cones,
eating ice cream, 
going on Slurpee runs in jammies, 
bringing them to the drive-in for their 1st time, 
playing with cousins, 
riding trains, 
exploring tide pools... the list goes on and on!

Summer is my favorite season, but one thing that I don't love about summer is having cups and glasses all over the kitchen counters.  Since I run my dishwasher every night, empty it every morning, and load it as we go during the day {by the way, this is a WONDERFUL way to keep up with the non-stop dishes and I wake up to a clean sink every morning!}, I was constantly putting cups in the dishwasher all day and I knew there had to be a better method. And because I *try* to be a "green Mama" {in my attempt to make up for the fact that I drive a gas guzzling SUV} I don't want to use paper cups. 

When I saw this little tray at Target {of course!} for $2.50 I knew it was the perfect "Summer Drink Station" for our kitchen.  It was already a pretty turquoise color, so I just added the words "drink me... again and again!" with my Silhouette and lined the inside with my favorite contact paper {also from Target} and ta-da...

{a summer drink station}

All males in this home {with four boys and their Daddy, that's a whole lotta them!} are currently being trained to use ONE cup/glass/sippy cup per day and to put it in the Drink Station instead of any random place like they did before.  At the end of the day, they get loaded in the dishwasher.  And so far they're doing great!  Less dishes for Mama= more time for summer fun!

When our cousins were visiting last week {7 extra kiddos & 6 extra adults sleeping in our house!} I filled the drink station with disposable plastic cups, cute straws, and a Sharpie to write names on their cups.  All the cousins also got a re-usable plastic cup from Ikea, each labeled with their name to cut down on using too many of these throw-away cups.

Excuse the poor lighting.  I've been dying to catch up on my blog, but keep forgetting to take pictures during the day!  With 4 little ones, I've become quite a night owl these days, err nights :)

Hope you're enjoying your summer too!  What tips do you love to keep on top of clutter?  I'd love to hear them! xoxo

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