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Monday, August 13, 2012

Everything I ever wanted... I found the mom who has it all!

So there's this adorable mom that I follow on 
Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, her blog, etc...

She sews.
She blogs.
She crafts.
She gardens.
She's so stylish.
She eats organic. 
She home schools.
She exercises daily.
She hosts the best parties.
She frosts cakes perfectly. 
She has traveled the world. 
She wears expensive jeans.
She has granite countertops.
She has the cutest Etsy shop. 
She goes to church every Sunday. 
She vacations every summer in Maui.
She has the most adorable front porch.
She likes bringing her kids to the park.
She makes gourmet dinners every night.
She has a gazillion followers on her blog. 
She has the prettiest smile I've ever seen.
She has her digital scrapbooks up to date.  
She has beautiful espresso hardwood floors.
She always has the cutest mantle decorations.
She had her latest craft featured in a magazine.
She lives in a house that looks like a model home.
She likes bringing her kids to story time at the library.
She has creamy tan leather interior in her hybrid SUV.
She goes to the farmer's market every Saturday morning.
She had her baby's nursery decorated months before the birth. 
She makes green smoothies that her children gulp down happily. 
She creates the artwork for her children's bedroom walls by hand.
She dresses up and goes on dates with her handsome husband regularly.
She takes the most perfect pictures that make my heart go pitter patter.
She has long, straight gorgeous hair that she never pulls back into a ponytail.
She drinks her perfectly creamy morning coffee from the most darling Anthro mug.
She has {insert number of kids that would overwhelm you} adorable, well-dressed kids.
She keeps her hand-sewn chevron toss pillows perfectly fluffed on her Pottery Barn couch. 

And she makes me feel...
and like no matter how much I am doing, 
that I am never doing enough.

Maybe you read this list and thought, 
"Wow, I hate her."
"I do a lot of those too."
"Who is this Superwoman and why aren't I more like her?"

When I see all of those things, here's what I think...

I think "Who am I to be in this world of blogging, crafty, perfect picture taking, DIY-ing, wreath making, holiday decorating, party planning, baking homemade bread women?  I have four boys that laugh and run around in their underwear making messes with their toys all day long.  I have been trying to pick out bedding for my bedroom for 5 years.  My car is full of goldfish crackers.  I suck at sewing.  I can't keep a flower garden alive for the life of me.  The only vegetables that grow here are generally grown by accident.  I love it when my kids aren't involved in a sport because I don't like bringing them to practice.  I haven't been to the gym since 1999.  I have expensive jeans, but they don't fit.  I like to eat cheeseburgers and french fries (that, along with the gym thing may have something to do with those jeans not fitting).  I don't wear cute floral headbands, and I can't stand wearing earrings for longer than 5 minutes.  I don't really shop at Anthro and I have Formica counter tops, people!"

But as you may have guessed by now, "she" is not real.  

"She" is what happens when we combine any number of different Moms/women on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, etc. all into one imaginary, perfect, gorgeous, happy Mom/woman that we cannot possibly measure up to.  Every time I do this, suddenly feel like I am not enough.

Don't get me wrong... I love social media.  I'm completely smitten by Facebook and Pinterest. I follow a bunch of DIY blogs, and most recently, I started taking pictures with Instagram, where I absolutely love getting a glimpse into the fun lives of other moms, women, and friends.  But it is so easy to make our lives appear to different, and in many, many cases, better than they really are.  

I caught myself doing it just this morning...

Sunday mornings here are a glorious thing.  We sleep in late {because we let our boys stay up late as long as they play quietly in their bedroom without arguing on Saturday night}.  I smell the coffee brewing from down the hall as I lazily arise with our youngest boy, Bryce.  He will be three months old this week, and he sleeps like a champ.  But even still, my husband is a dear and lets me sleep in.

{So far, all of this is true.  Stick with me, the reality check is coming...}

I stumble into the kitchen that I swear I cleaned before going to bed at an indecent hour the night before because the only time I can paint, craft, blog, etc. without interruption is in the wee hours of the night when all the house is sleeping.  But seriously, most of the time I just stay up too late because I blog hop, get lost in Facebook, pin my little heart away, or occasionally watch American Pickers while planning my next morning thrift/garage/yard/estate/tag sale adventure that I'm too tired the next morning to actually goes on.

Back to our darling Sunday breakfast... it really does happen!  I make delicious homemade waffles {even if they're made with a heavy cream/water creation in lieu of milk because we're out of milk like this morning}, along with homemade whipped cream and mixed berries.  The berries are those frozen ones from Costco because even though I did go to the farmer's market yesterday, my boys were whining about how hot it was and they just wanted to go home, and the berries were $5 for a teeny tiny basket and that is just crazy expensive.  I don't care how cute the berries look in their little basket- that is ridiculous.

So this morning I took a picture of my beautiful homemade waffle with homemade whipped cream and mixed berries.  I made sure to crop out all the junk on the counter before I uploaded it to Instagram as my feet crunched on something... an Apple Jack?  It couldn't be because we don't have those sugary cereals in this house... surely not in this house!  But yes, it was indeed an Apple Jack.

And then I thought that my boys looked so cute sitting at the table patiently awaiting our Sunday morning waffle tradition so I snapped a couple of pictures with my fancy Nikon {don't be jealous- I only take pics on auto, the little flap for the memory card is broken, and I lost the lenses cap about 2 years ago and never replaced it}.

The table is filled with homemade, natural, and freshly whipped deliciousness...

The coffee is hot and creamy...

The fresh cut flowers from the farmer's market are in an up-cycled vase...

But why are only little bits of the table being photographed?

That's because the other half is covered with all of the contents of my craft hutch that I stayed up too late painting {okay, sometimes I actually do do something productive late at night}.

And that's also because we have one sweet, darling boy who is working on just keeping his cute little booty in his chair for more than a nano-second.

And that's also because the boys are only partly dressed, and they have all mis-matched, random plates {Halloween, Easter, owl} plates that I bought for $1 at Target.

And then I realize that it's possible that I may once or two have possibly been seen as that "she" that I see on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
And I realize that I don't want to be that girl because I am so not that girl.

I am an overly sensitive, overly critical of myself, overly perfectionistic, overly protective Mama who adores my family of fun-loving, silly boys with all of my heart.  And quite honestly, most of the time they adore me back... 
and that is enough for me. 

Although who am I kidding, while I haven't missed the gym for one minute since 1999, our previous home really did have granite counter tops and espresso wood floors and I would really, really like to have them again someday :) 

So, tell me... 
do you find yourself caught up in all that junk too?  
What gets you down?  
And more importantly, what lifts you back up?  


Naiman Family said...

Very true and well said, Laurie. Thanks for sharing. :)

Suzie Storm said...

I LOVE this post. Very true. Love all of your creative ideas and cute crafts, but I love this post even more. Thanks for the real glimpse into your life. It's soooo relatable!

I'm a new reader (found you through Jen, the infamous blog dancer)

:) Suzie

Jen said...

I do get caught up in this (don't we all?) and YOU lift me back up! :) Seriously, I love this post, I love you and your crazy, imperfect, mismatched, adorable, wiggly family!

I haven't been blogging as much lately (or keeping up with other's blogs) and have been feeling bad about it - but when I think about all the time I've spent with my boys having FUN this summer, I realize (once again) that I'm only blogging for me, and not to project some image of housewife-ly perfection in the world. So I only blog once or twice a month, my pictures are hardly perfect, and I don't have a million cute giveaways and linky parties going on. But it's ok, because I'm happy. SO glad to know that you are, too! :)

Jessica Kielman said...

Very well said! You and I must be feeling the same lately...I swear you stole this from my brain ;) It's so easy to get caught up in the perfection of it all...sometimes you just gotta remind yourself that life can't be photoshopped.

Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

Jaimee @ Craft, Interrupted said...

I love this post!!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Oh girl... I just love you. It is so easy to get caught up..trying to stay up with others. But you know what. You are you, and your readers LOVE you for just that! Your content is hella-mazing! Your Family Is Adorable, Your are the Sweetest lady I have ever met, You have the biggest heart in the world. You DO have it all girl. You DO! Way to keep it real- not many do these days! xo Jen

childrens party supplies said...

Very nice, it seems was good fun!

Michelle Paige said...

Wowsa! Fabulous post that I need to re-read at least once a week! Thank you!

Natalie Dixon said...

Oh Laurie, I just love you! I found myself nodding and mmhhhmm-ing the whole way through this! (especially on the only wearing earrings for 5 minutes part! Bam, they come off as soon as I get home!)

There's some quote about "don't compare your out takes to somebody else's highlight reel" or something to that effect. It's so easy to see all these put-together houses and pretty women all dressed up in their Etsy purchases and then look at myself as I sit in yoga pants with piles of "stuff" all around me, and feel down. But you know what... most people only share the good and I'm too hard on myself and only see the bad... and all of that is okay! Of course, they want to share the good (I'm guilty of that sometimes, as well!). While I think we should all be easier on ourselves, sometimes seeing that "bad" can motivate us to do better. Such a balancing act, and you, my dear, always seem to pull it off so well. I'm exhausted and am not sure if any of this makes sense, but I just think your fabulous and I love your real-ness!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Laurie, this really hits home! Here's a quote I try to remind myself of daily.
"Comparison is the theif of joy!"


Colleen said...

I loved this post! I'd like to share it on my blog. Hopefully you don't mind : )It's so easy to get caught up in all that. I agree with so much of this.

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

I was off that list at "She sews." lol Cute post Laurie. :) It's so easy to fall into the supermom trap. Thanks for keeping it real. xoxo Have a great week!! :)

N|MΛRIE said...

I love this post! So great to get a reality check every now and then! I can get quite caught up in it too. :( And thanks so much for stopping by Me + the Moon! Hope you'll stop by next friday for my find + follow friday hop :D Love to have you :)

-Nicole @

Ashley said...

Found your blog from the blog hop! I'm not a mom, but I still feel this way sometimes when I look at all those sites. I think just slowing down and enjoying YOUR life is best! Hope you had a great weekend!

Jenny said...

I LOVE this post! Sometimes seeing all of the "perfect" moms and wives and crafty people makes me feel like I am not good enough! Thank you so much for showing what "real" life is all about!

Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop and now following along…I would love if you would stop by and say hello :)
Modern Modest Beauty

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh. AMEN SISTER!!!! You are sooo right - it's easy to feel less-than when you choose to be a part of this wonderful world of blogging. I have to remind myself often, that social media is only a key-hole glimpse into someone's life - and that it's the best possible point of view that they choose to show us. Not in any way an accurate reflection of reality. Thanks so much for the reminder!

Irish Carter said...

Best post I have read today. I love the honest and humbleness behind this post. I am not superwoman, I am not always (almost always not) organized, I am not a great sewer or crafter but like to try, and I could go on and on too. Thanks for sharing the honesty. I am following from the hop. Have a great week.


Courtney Valdes said...

I love this post! So much of what you said is exactly how I feel. I write about a lot of the same things. Check out my blog

KERRY said...

I loved loved loved this post, every single word of it!! Every freshly made berry delicious waffle and every single bit of clutter. You had me laughing out loud when I got to the picture of the other half of your table. Seriously, my table looks like that 6 days out of 7!!! Thank you for your honesty, for being 'real' and reminding us all that we are more like you are than like 'she' is :)
Popping over from Colleen's blog and so glad I did!!

Jo said...

What a great post! I can so relate. Very glad to have found you via Colleen.

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