Stars & Stripes Forever: 4th of July 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good food, fun times with our little family, and our annual 4th of July flag cake... it was a fabulous 4th here, and I hope you enjoyed a fun day too!

The boys wore their shirts I decorated for them...

And our rocket wreath is hanging on our front door.

I love decorating at night after the boys are asleep so they wake up to a fun breakfast surprise...  sparklers, glow sticks, and lots of red, white, and blue!

And the boys decorated the sidewalks.  Our 7 year old is a very patriotic American.  He was a little sad and surprised that not all of our neighbors were flying a flag today.

And what's the 4th without star-shaped watermelon? 

These boys are growing up.  Look at those straight rows of strawberry stripes and rectangle of berries without any help from me.  I love how independent they're becoming, but I hope they still need their Mama for some stuff :)

Sweet little Lukers thought for a second he was going to get that flag cake all to himself...

and was so disappointed when he learned that it wasn't!

and Jake... My Little Sparkler lit up the night like he and his sweet brothers light up our family every day :)

Hope you had a wonderful 4th!!  I'm so grateful to be an American, and especially for the people who sacrifice so much for our freedoms that we enjoy.  

Unknown said...

So cute!! great job on the star cake Sam and Jake! Looks like such a fun day! :)

Monica said...


Colleen said...

so cute. you do such a nice job setting things up for your little ones!

Karen At Home Blog said...

So cute! Such a fun day you had!

Rebecca said...

I love their shirts! Super cute! Your boys are adorable!



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