31 busy days of July!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 I love July, but it seriously flew by so quickly!  Like I shared on my Facebook page the other day, my blog is neglected but my kiddos are not.  We've had tons of fun this month, but I couldn't let July end without updating and letting you all know what we've been up to.

First, I got an iphone {finally! yippee!} and I'm loving Instagram... I'd love for you to follow along if you'd like {@gallamorewest}.  

Second, we're getting ready to host a major amount of fun company this week {we're talking 6 adults, 7 kids plus me and my 4 sleeping at our house, plus a few more hanging out during the day... minus my hubs who will be out of town on business.  yikes!}  My boys are going to be in cousin heaven :))  

Third, I'll be back soon to share plenty of fun stuff I've been dying to post, like:

- How to cut down on all those millions of cups the kids get out and leave all over the counter

- How to get more stuff done while you sleep so you have more time to play with your little ones... seriously, while you sleep!

-A super organized garage 

-Our chore chart... it's adorable, I think you'll love it :)

- The boys beachy bedroom makeover... with lots of encouragement from my Facebook friends, I painted the whole room in one night.  It was actually a ton of fun, and now I'm busy looking around for other late night projects I can knock off my to-do list!

-Master bedroom progress, including a fun gallery wall that includes my new Barn Owl Primitives sign

-Craft corner makeover with my darling new desk from the girls at Stitched! {I am in LOVE with it and can't wait to finish off a hutch I just got & show it all to you}

But first, here's a quick wrap-up of our busy, fun month of July!
{I got the sweetest birthday card ever}
{1st time taking all 4 boys to the Zoo by myself} 

{night swimming almost every single night}

{lots of lovin' on these sweet cheeks!}

{I loved when Luke grabbed the boogie board & headed straight for the water... luckily he thought twice and turned around}

 {fun in the sun in La Jolla}

{brotherly bonding, which is fabulous because we had a few weeks were Luke was adjusting to his new baby brother & was not very nice to him... at all.  So sad, but soooo happy that we've had a major turn-around there!}

{Beach Baby!}

{The boys loved the new exhibit at the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park, The Horse}

 {building sand castles at the beach}

{all 4 boys hanging out... poor Baby Bryce looks scared!}

{relaxing on the couch one night and out came Jake the Q-tip Viking!}

{Sandy Baby!  Next time I'll dress him in bright colors... he blended in with the sand!}

{learning is fun!}

{pie eating contests are fun too :)}

 {Boys' 1st time going to the Drive-In}

 {The movies start so late... Jake fell asleep in the car}

{All aboard the Jakey Express!}

{a little peek at my new desk from Stitched.}

 {Sunday morning brunch with my besties from high school}

{big streeeetch!}

{Wild Animal Park with my boys... we met my bestie from my teaching days & her 3.5 boys there too.  She moved to Northern CA earlier this year, and I miss her!}

{a little bit of school shopping via text... can you blame me?  I needed a kiddo-free night, but saw shoes on sale and had to text home to see which ones the boys liked :)}

{a rare roadside find... I adore vintage windows}

{me and the boys at the zoo again... my boys know their way around the zoo so well, I think they could give tours there.}

{my looooong hair!  it's gone now... but I've been too busy to take an after pic!}

{I stayed up super late on Saturday night/Sunday morning painting the boys' room this shade of "Weathered Glass"... they love their "new" room & I can't wait to share it all with you soon.}

{I've been washing a whole lot of pool towels because these cute little monsters love to swim!  But summer laundry is fun because they pretty much go from pjs to swimsuits then back to pjs.  Plus they only wear flip flops so I don't have to match up any socks these days... it's the little things, right?}

{This little cutie loves trains & pacifiers}

{seriously?  Please tell me your kids do stuff like this too.}

{My Dad is turning 60 so my siblings and I are putting together a scrapbook for him with questionnaires and pictures drawn by the grand kids, and photos and handwritten letters from all of us.  Since my two little guys are too little to draw and answer questions, I'm including their adorable prints instead.}


Whew!  I've been a busy mama!  And I miss my blog :(  My boys are out of school for another whole month {wahoo!!} so I'll pop in here and there when I can during August.  I'd love to have you join me on Facebook, Pinterest, and my newest love... Instagram {I'm @gallamorewest.}

Hope your summer is full of fun and sun, and plenty of fun memory making!
Laurie :)

Amy @ 20MinuteMom said...

Such a cute round up post!! :-) I spent Summers on Mission/Ocean beach growing up and to this day It makes my heart go pitter/patter. We are only about 2 hours away from SD so I'm hoping for a day trip soon to the zoo or sea world with Ellery!
Also- I'm so curious to see what you do while you sleep - it's the best way to clean! I can't wait for you to share your tricks! http://www.20minutemom.com/2012/06/cleaning-tasks-to-do-while-you-sleep.html

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

What have you not done over there? Hello Super MOM!!!! Yes you get the award hands down! I can't wait to see all your posts soon...enjoy those studs- gosh they are the cutest Laurie!!

Melanie said...

SHOOT you're busy! I think you did more in the month of July than I did in the last 7 months! The boys look great, keep taking pictures :)

Unknown said...

How fun!!!! Seriously - where did July go?? I loved looking at all your pictures - Bryce is getting SO big already! Every single picture was so cute! Glad you guys are having fun! And good luck with the family in town this week! xoxo

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Loved this post. :) School starts late for you guys, huh? Abby's first day is this Friday and for Lauren's preschool it's the 20th.


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