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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Splish Splash Blog Bash: Summer Reading!

I'm loving this Splish Splash Blog Bash this week, hosted by the adorable Kelsey at Tattered and Inked!  I admit I'm behind in checking out all of the other bloggers because I'm busy cuddling my sweet baby boy while trying to keep an eye on our other three boys... which leads me to my favorite Summer Reads.  
Summer reading, are you kidding me?!  
Back before I had kids, my most favorite thing to do in the summer was to grab my book, drink, and towel and head to the beach for hours and hours, devouring my book and soaking up the sun.  After a scare with skin cancer, you can find me wearing a hat under a big umbrella these days if I get a chance to sit down, and reading a book is now a luxury that I crave.  
Here's the criteria for a good summer book for me... 
anything with a pink cover,
anything with a picture of a cake on it,
or anything by Sophie Kinsella or Jennifer Weiner
and pretty much any other high quality, deep plot stuff.  Haaaaa!!  So, if I get a spare minute around here sometime this summer, you'll find me desperately trying to get through this stack right here.  I've actually read a couple of them already {a miracle!} and I'm currently reading Fly Away Home.

I'm a nook-free, Kindle-free, old-fashioned check them out at the library girl.  Then renew, renew, renew, and usually give up and return before reading girl.   

What about you?


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

You got a good stack going girl! I do the SAME thing at the library-- but loving my kindle--or I should say Aaron's Kindle...haha! Cuddle that boy away! Give him extra squeezes for Jen!!

Colleen said...

I am not a kindle girl. I like a good ole book!!! I love all of those authors. I see that I am missing out on some. I must get myself to the library!!

Naiman Family said...

I love, love the books you have checked out. Kinsella and Weiner are some of my favorite authors. In fact, I have the date of Jennifer Weiner's next book release on my calendar for next week. Hooray! Hope you find some time to relax and read amidst the love, laughter, and craziness of having 4 boys! :)

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Aw, remember Jennifer Weiner was our first ever book club read? :):) We love the library too. I have to admit I love my ereader, but there's still nothing like cracking open an actual book. I'm glad you said "Fly Away Home!" I'd forgotten about that one! I SO want to read it!! Let me know if you like it! :)

Kelsey @ Tattered and Inked said...

OOh I love a good stack of books to read :) Love the books you have ready to devour!!


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