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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Giveaway & A Graduate!

Hi friends and Happy Friday!!

It's such an exciting day here at Gallamore West!  First, I'm so excited to be a part of the fun giveaway at Tattered and Inked right now.  There are nine prizes to be won by one lucky winner- I'm giving away a Scentsy plug-in warmer and scent bar.  Head on over to enter!

Also, my little cutie Jake graduated preschool today!  He attended the best, cutest little preschool around.  Converted into a schoolhouse from a real house, it was a super small preschool that went above and beyond my expectations in every area.  

And check out my little graduate!

The graduation ceremony was today, and these ladies thought of EVERY single detail.  It was held on the playground {or as Jake calls it, "in our school backyard"} and it was the cutest thing ever!  Cap and gown, tassels and sashes, tons of decorations, and they served lunch and dessert to everyone who came.  Plus pictures and gifts, and Jake's favorite, a little graduation bear :) 

So please allow me to indulge myself by showing you lots of pictures of what I like to call
Pomp and Circumstance- preschool style!

Proof that our sweet baby Bryce was there... he slept through the whole thing :)  

I can't believe our Jake is already five and headed off to Kindergarten in the fall.  Seriously, someone push the pause button already please! xoxo


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

I love this- what a great little school- so very cute!! Bryce sleeping away, good kid right there! I loved your adorable family photo- all in blue {did you plan that?- your good!} Love seeing your surround by your studs! Congrats Grad!!! :)

Kelsey @ Tattered and Inked said...

I know how you feel! My little man starts kindergarten this fall too and I'm sad just thinking about it! Where did my little baby go?? I LOVE your guys' little ceremony- how cute!!! He looked so sweet :)

Anonymous said...


Hit that pause button a few times. My baby just graudated High School. It went WAY.TOO.FAST.

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Aw so cute! And look at all those boys! Did you send him to an all boys preschool? ;-) Congrats Jake on gratuating!!! What a fun day!!

Jen said...

He is the cutest thing ever! I can't believe all these boys will be kindergarteners soon!


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