Shots, slurpees, and the time I hung from a Starbucks door handle.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I wrote all about Jake yesterday, and here I am at it again.  
It's easy to write about our Jake. 

He's cute.
He's funny.
He's smart.
He's loving.
And as his Mama, I could go on and on here just like any Mama could about her precious little ones.

But there is this one thing about Jake... 
he's a little clumsy :)

Sometimes he trips over his own feet.
Sometimes he bonks his head into a wall.
Sometimes he slips and falls.
Sometimes he crashes his bike.
And the list goes on... and on... and on...

Poor guy inherited all this from his clumsy Mama.  I once got my purse strap caught on a door handle while attempting to walk out of a BUSY downtown Starbucks.  Not realizing I was attached to the door, I flung my hot coffee onto the sidewalk as people screamed to run out of the way of the hot mocha flying their way and I was left hanging from the door handle... literally.  In heels and a skirt.  
Good times :)

So back to Jake... 
he almost always bounces right back up and says, 
"I'm okay!" and we just giggle and move on.

But today when I brought him to his 5 year old check-up, I cringed inside when I saw his knobby little knees covered in little bruises, scrapes, and scratches.  All minor things, but add them all together and this Mama felt some guilt creeping in.

What was the Dr. going to think about all that?

But when she did the exam, 
and she saw his boo-boos and ouchies and said, 
"I love seeing legs like this.  These are anti-couch-potato marks!"

And she's right about that.  He is constantly running around playing and exploring outside.  And just like that, with one positive comment when she could have easily made a snide comment or ignored the sad state of his knobby little knees altogether, the Mama guilt was washed away.

And then we topped off our afternoon 
with this fun little tradition... 

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Yes! Slurpee!! That a boy Jake- way to be tough! And I like that "no coach potato" saying....that is so true! These boys keep us on our toes no doubt! Kinder Soon Jake- you got this!!

Unknown said...

SO so cute!! Trevor and Jake would get along GREAT! lol They are our rough and tumblers and Trev is always the "I'm Okay!" kid! :) And look how smiley Jake is even after shots! :) Can't believe he will be in Kinder soon!! You're going to have TWO elementary kiddos Laurie! Where does the time go? Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend!! :)

Unknown said...

PS -- I was ROLLING at your Starbucks purse story. I thought I was the only one that happened to! Guess that's why we're friends. ;-) lol :D

The Jenson's said...

I'm always worried about the bruises all over their legs too. Madison the last two times has had big ones on her forehead.


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