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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A {birth}day in the life of Jake!

Today our sweet Jake turned five years old!  

For some reason, the age FIVE hits me harder than any other sweet young age because it means that my precious baby has been alive for half a decade already. 

Jake's one of those kids that seems to have been born with a permanent smile on his face... he is always saying the funniest things, making us laugh, wanting to be tickled, singing at the dinner table, giving hugs, cuddling, and he always says, "Now for the silly picture!" 

We celebrated Jake's birthday with a lot of Jake's family and friends a few weeks ago {I know, I haven't posted the pictures yet... ugh!} so today was a low-key family day.  A birthday on a Wednesday could be a little ho-hum, but not for Jake!  Today was filled with some of his favorite foods, places, things, and people.  

I started snapping my camera at 7 AM until about 7 PM... 
here's a {birth}day in the life of Jake!

We started the morning off with "cupcakes" {which were really muffins since I was not actually going to fulfill his request of cupcakes for breakfast!}

Nani and Papa stayed the night, which was a treat for Jake to have them there to sing to him this morning!

Jake and his big brother are sweet, sweet, sweet to each other, especially on their birthdays and always let the other one help blow out their birthday candles.  They also buy each other a gift on their birthdays.  I'm telling you, these two are BEST buds for sure. 

Then there was a 9 AM lollipop.  So much for limiting that sugar intake in the morning... but it's his birthday, right?

And he had to sit through Luke's MUCH needed haircut to get that lollipop.  Luke's our tender-hearted baby who now cries at the sight of a Dr. office, Dentist, and now hair salon too.... oh Lukers!

Checking out the seals, birds, and squirrels in La Jolla is one of Jake's favorite things to do...  it was a gorgeous clear morning {rare for May} at the beach this morning.

With gift cards burning holes in Jake's pockets, we went to Toys R Us where he picked out some toys for himself and an extra one for Sam too... sweetness!  He wanted to get one for Luke too, but Luke's so young that he doesn't ask for anything so we skipped that one.  Am I mean?

I loved it when he saw this Tom & Jerry ride.  Instead of asking to ride it though, he asked me to take a picture of him on it, then hopped right off!

Lunch time came and my little sweetie chose my favorite lunch time place... yay Jakers!  Even though I did just eat there yesterday... oh well :)

Then there was an hour spent in the backyard, playing, exploring and waiting for Sam to come home from school.

Insert a couple photo-free hours here, full of building train tracks, playing with Sam, and playing Angry Birds on Daddy's iphone {normally a weekend treat only, but since it's his birthday he got to play on a Wednesday... I think he almost fainted when I said yes to that one} while this prego Mama took a break on the couch.  zzzzz :)

Jake had been waiting since early morning to ride his new birthday gift so when I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said, "Nothing, I just want to ride my bike!" we decided to skip our plan of going out to dinner and had his favorite at home dinner instead {noodles with butter, salt and pepper... did I mention that this kid is ridiculously easy to please?!} so that he had time to go on a bike ride.

I made cupcakes for his preschool class yesterday and realized at 11 PM that I was out of the sprinkles I wanted to use.  Jake didn't care at all and thought these cupcakes were perfect.  

even though a crazy prego ate that 12th cupcake... whoops!

Since he has a really small preschool class, I only used half of the cake mix {yep, I use Betty Crocker mixes!} to make the cupcakes, so I used the rest to bake this little cake.  Jake loved, loved his silly little birthday cake.  

I loved that it was quick and easy to make, and that he got to smash those little dinosaurs and candles wherever he wanted on it.

And since he blew out each candle one at a one tonight, I had plenty of time to snap some cute pictures of those precious cheeks!

We absolutely adore our Jakers.  He brings so much joy and energy and love into our home.  Did I mention ENERGY?!?!  He is happy, free-spirited, kind-hearted, silly, silly, silly and honestly has never thrown a single fit in his life.  
Isn't that crazy?  Crazy awesome if you ask this Mama :)

We love you to the moon and back, Jake!

p.s.  Jake- I hope you thought your birthday was as awesome as I thought it was, because tomorrow someone has a 5 year old check-up and a bunch of shots... Watch out Kindergarten, here comes Jake!


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Oh Goodness..lots of Smiles. does that boy not smile? ha! I loved your day- it was full of such sweetness, fun, good grub {hello} and just all around LOVE. I could see the joy in that boys Eyes...he had the BEST day ever!! Great job Momma!! And poor Jake, hope those shots aren't too bad!

The Jenson's said...

Looks and sounds like such a fun day! I'm so glad he had an awesome birthday! I can't believe he is five

karismith said...

What a fun 5th birthday!!


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