Our Elf on the Shelf Adventures: Part 1

Monday, December 5, 2011

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?

This is the first year that Senor Elfie has come to our house, and ohhhh, do the boys love him!!

Here's what Senor Elfie has been up to so far this season...

{day 1: He showed up at a special breakfast!}

{day 2; Senor Elfie loves to read Christmas stories}

{day 3: Oh, Senor Elfie!  He toilet papered our tree!}

{day 4:  Senor Elfie was driving Santa's sleigh pulled by reindeer}

{day 5:  Senor Elfie made chocolate chip cookies, but was so busy sneaking chocolate chips that he burned some cookies...  lucky boys had cookies for breakfast!}

{day 6: Senor Elfie was keeping watch over Baby Jesus and the manger}

{day 7:  Senor Elfie was eating popcorn and m&ms while watching his favorite movie.  What's his favorite movie?  Elf, of course!}

What has your Elf been up to?  Leave a  comment or you can link to a post on your Elf!  :)

And thank you to those of you who have linked up your Advent Calendars... it's still open if you'd like to link up.  This Thursday will be Christmas trees & favorite decorations!
SgtsWifey said...

hello- I have a question, we have done the Elf for two years now and this is the first year I have seen all the great ideas of them being mischievous, we always just have him in different places that he stays until the next morning. When you put him like say in the bag of chocolate chips or with the remote, does he stay there all day? I ask because my daughter knows we are not to touch him so how do you explain that he moves more than once a day?

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Oh my gosh, you seriously have the best ideas! The TP-ing of the tree is my favorite. :) Although, eating cookies for breakfast comes close for second!

www.gallamorewest.com said...

Hi! I learned on the 1st day that our Elf needed to be somewhere that he could stay all day because we have a 1 year old who doesn't understand the whole "no touching Elfie" thing and his big brothers were so sad when Luke touched him that first morning. So that day I told them that Mamas are allowed to move him, but they were SO not okay with that. I put him up too high so they yelled up to Elfie, "Please choose a place where we can see you better, Elfie!" So now Elfie makes sure to choose a place where he can stay all day looooong... yes, even with his head in a bag of chocolate chips in the middle of the kitchen counter! :)

SgtsWifey said...

Awesome- Thanks so much for the reply!! Now I need to get creative ha ha Merry Christmas!!


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