Smurfs Party!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We celebrated an early Thanksgiving/Birthday Dinner for Sam on Sunday since he had his tonsils removed yesterday {poor kiddo!} and while combining his current favorite thing in the world, Smurfs, with Thanksgiving was a little challenging, it ended up being a celebration that he loved.  And it is definitely our most memorable Thanksgiving to date!

As much as the idea of having blue food sounded super fun, we LOVE our Thanksgiving Dinner and wanted to stick with the traditional foods.  So I decided to give all of the regular Thanksgiving dishes Smurf names instead...

Here are a couple of my favorite dishes from the day...

 {It wasn't really a trifle because the birthday boy insisted that Smurf Berries are plain, not with fancy stuff like layered cake or whipped cream!}

And this Corn Casserole is my new favorite side dish!  It was delicious and so, so easy to make {I'll post the recipe soon}.

And the drinks were Smurftastic too :)

Napkins from Target, red/blue suitcases originally used for Jake's Red Scooter Party {from Amazon}, Sam's Smurf toys, and the banner & labels made from my Silhouette and scrapbook paper were used for quick and easy decorations.

{eek... excuse the horrible lighting and my attempt at fixing this picture here!}

And of course, I had to dress up a burlap wreath for the occasion.

Sam loved his Smurf cake {and so did Jake!}

And of course there were plenty of presents {including a fish tank that now lives on our kitchen counter... I'm definitely a Mama of boys here :)} 

A few more things for our Smurftastic weekend were these cupcakes that Sam brought to school on Friday... 

And this Smurf that he made at Build-a-Bear.  
It was our 1st time taking the boys there and they loved every second of it!

Happy Birthday to Sam, our big 7 year old!!
Unknown said...

How fun!! I loved the "Smurfette's Sweet Potatoes" and the mushroom cake! :) Great job again Laurie ~ It looks like Sam really enjoyed his Smurfgiving birthday! Hope he's feeling better today! xoxo

Jen said...

So fun! I love the cupcakes, and the clever names for all the food! I think Smurfgiving is an awesome idea, and it looks like your little man had tons of fun!

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Oh my goodness, Laurie! You did such an amazing job on his party! Everything looks smurfect! Er, perfect. ;)

Unknown said...

so cute! Love that wreath!

newest follower :)

Caitlin@cait. create. said...

Love the smurf cupcakes! So so cute! Good luck with the tonsils recovery! My little guy had his tonsils out last year and it was a rough recovery. that it's over I'm so glad we did it :)


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