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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sam's surgery

He jumped right out of bed yesterday morning

Put on his favorite new pajamas

Grabbed his favorite new stuffed animals

And we headed out the door, before sunrise on a very foggy morning to have his tonsils removed {after countless fevers and missed school since July 2010}

He was so brave heading into the operating room.  It was a fairly quick surgery and it went according to plan, but nothing prepares you for how you feel after surgery.  Or how I would feel as a Mom watching my son so upset as he awoke from the anesthesia.  It was a heart-breaking 10 minutes or so of moaning/crying/rolling around that felt like forever.  And then he was calm and dozed off peacefully.

He was home within hours and slept most of the day yesterday.  Today he's up and building train tracks with his brothers.  The agenda is cleared for the whole week, so we're building lots of train tracks, eating ice cream, and working on a few little Christmas crafts.

We're hoping and praying and crossing our fingers for healthier, fever-free days now.

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Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

So glad that his surgery went well and that he is back at play! :)


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