Real life with my boys

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I LOVE this picture... 
it's framed on the wall in our hall bathroom.

But let's be honest here... 

The boys and I were looking through pictures on the computer tonight and there was actually a bunch of little thumbnails that looked similar so we opened them all.  

And here is what a bathtub photo session from a couple months back in our house REALLY looks like.

{So cute, but Sam's eyes are closed...}

{Yay Sam, but now Jake's eyes are closed...}

{Sweet moment, but they seem to have forgotten about the camera for a minute here...}

{Don't worry Mom, we're back...}

And that my friends is what REALLY happens.  

I love that 1st picture because they're all looking and smiling, but seeing this whole series of pictures together tells the real story... the story of real life.  

It's not always a perfect picture, 
but I wouldn't change a thing.
Unknown said...

Aaw! This post is sweet, funny and so true!! Love your voice Laurie!! xo, Reannah


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