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Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's our last few days of summer and we are packing in the fun.  I mean, it's almost like we think the San Diego Zoo is going to disappear from the surface of the Earth once school starts.  Because really, who goes there THREE times in just 5 days?  Ummm, that would be us. 

Notice all the different shirts the boys are wearing in these pictures, and you'll see... I'm not kidding.  They almost made a cage for us so we could just stay the night in the Zoo.
 {Jake loving on a mammoth tusk}

 {Playing in the Children's Zoo}

 {Sam and Nani being Zoo Keepers}

 {Jake being silly at the mammoth statue}

 {Watching the "Chi-E-na afro bats"... Boys, do not try this at home!}

 {A hideous pic of me, but Sam and Jake look cute... Luke was crying.  Oh, and stilt walkers!}

 {Probably my favorite picture of the whole summer... Jake feeding the giraffes}

 {Sam on the mammoths... they love all the animals you can climb on}

 {Sam and Papa on the "sky buckets" with Jake, whose head is hiding}

Today we took a break from the Zoo and headed to Sea World instead.  It was a gorgeous day, no crowds, and we even got to pet two baby kangaroos... don't ask me why there are kangaroos at Sea World.  I have no idea why, but they are so, so cute!

{Luke was sleeping... someday I'll get a good picture of me with ALL three boys at once!}

 {Jake LOVES his milk!}

 {Oh, there were some animals there... I take a ridiculous amount of pictures of my boys.  Can't help it!}

 {Enjoy that "hotton candy" boys... it's your LAST until next summer!}

 {Playing outside of the new Turtle Reef}

 {That's a baby kangaroo!}

 {Digging for fossils in our favorite secret place at Sea World}

{Sam's a great photographer!}

 {Don't tell anyone about the Garden of Discovery because it's gorgeous, and almost always empty.}

Tomorrow we find out the name of Sam's 1st grade teacher.  He's SO excited!  Although finding out the teacher's name doesn't really matter at this point because we know nothing about any of the teachers, but I was pretty specific on what kind of teacher I think would be best for him.  
{image via pinterest}
I specifically requested someone is positive, loving, energetic, who leaves a trail of glitter as she skips around her adorably decorated classroom and who smells like freshly baked cookies, so we'll see :)

{image via pinterest}

With my boys starting later than most {I think they're the ONLY ones in San Diego who haven't started yet... which is great for all of our Zoo and Sea World outings lately} I've had plenty of time to "pin" adorable teacher gifts to make for the 1st Day of School.

I love the pencils on this one...
 {image via pinterest}

 but I'm hoping to find some pretty red flowers like this one {or maybe just a red ribbon}.
{image via pinterest}

Simple and so cute {plus they'll double as centerpieces for our Back to School dinner the night before school starts!}

Sam better not have a man for a teacher because so many of my cute gift ideas will go out the window.  Oh wait, I really did specifically request a female teacher, glitter optional :)

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Jen said...

Haha - let me know if you find that teacher! She sounds like the EXACT one I want for the boys in Kinder. :) I'm sure no matter who she is she'll love him (who wouldn't!) Can't wait to hear how the first day goes!

Love looking at your pics - they boys liked them too. Especially Jake hugging the milk. :)

Jen said...

(*the* boys - duh)

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Just came over to let you know that I included you in my latest blog post. :)

Anonymous said...

That teacher description cracks me up! "smells like freshly-baked cookies..." HA HA HA! Your pictures are great - y'all are so lucky to live as close as you do to the the San Diego zoo. I've been there but it was ages ago! And I'd have to agree, the giraffe + tongue picture takes the cake. Thanks for linking up!!


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