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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School!

I can't believe it... 
after a long, fun summer my boys are off to school today!

Two new schools and...

-first time in a public school
-first time being at separate schools
-first time Sam's staying all day loooong
-first time packing a lunch... I feel like I packed enough for a week, but I'm still worried he'll be hungry
-first time dropping them off and not knowing a SINGLE person there

The pictures don't show it {except it was the most HUMID morning ever, excuse my shine!}
These adorable signs are by Lauren McKinsey... she made Luke's special for him :)

But this morning was a rough Mama morning to say the least.

 I'm sure my dreams last night didn't help...

I dreamed that our neighbors came over with a rowboat to get the boys to school down the walking path {yes, we're lucky enough to walk out our back gate and be AT Sam's school!}

I dreamed that I saw the elementary school mascot and it was a humungous overgrown creepy gopher peeking over our back fence.

I dreamed that my car broke down on the way to drop off Jake at preschool {that's before we come home and then walk Sam to school}

I dreamed that it was raining and we had to walk. Oh wait, that REALLY did happen! It never rains in San Diego... never, never, never. Except yesterday and today. I had to change out of my cute shoes into my rain shoes {flip flops} so I wouldn't slip on our row-boating, gopher-spying route to school.

But this is fun... Ben chopped down about 10 years of overgrown plants and weeds in this walkway to school, the same walkway I walked down to get to school many years ago, but he left this little tree tunnel for the boys.  
{oops... my umbrella is hanging down into the picture!  I had Luke strapped on me in the Ergo while walking in the rain... fun times here.}

But my boys, oh my boys, they were amazing! 

 All smiles, 
all excitement, 
no tears, 
no whining... 
just handsome, confident, sweet boys ready for a new adventure.

Strapped in the car 
{that thankfully did not break down like in my dreams}

Since finding out on Friday that Sam got a MAN teacher {read here if you want to know what kind of teacher I requested}, I had to go to Plan B for teacher treats and  decided to bake cookies instead of bringing flowers.  So, the boys brought freshly baked cookies for their teachers, 
kind of...

By the time Jake's made it in the preschool door, the ribbon and tag were no longer attached.  But Sam's, in our efforts to get out the door on this rainy morning, 

his cookies were forgotten at home {my fault}.  Good thing Sam had written this sweet letter to his teacher and remembered it so he didn't walk in empty handed :)

All the kids at Jake's preschool gather in one room for the first hour {not his room} and his teacher gets there a little after he does, so I don't have any pictures of them together yet.  Here he is, all smiles and ready to play with new friends.

And Sam... oh wow, am I proud of him!  Going from a small private school {since he was just 2 years old!} so a HUGE public school and he didn't even blink an eye, unlike his mama...

Sam's so excited to have "A Mister Teacher!"  

I have to say, the verdict is still out because I don't know anything about this teacher.  Today I already saw that he is NOT a cutesy 1st grade teacher and he expects the kids to be independent, which are good things... I mean, the boys DO get enough "cutesy" at home, right?! :)  

Last night we read The Kissing Hand, and today in their lunch they have special kissing hand cookies {I couldn't find my hand cookie cutter so I traced Jake's hand... it's so cute!}

I'm off to prep their special dinner now... and cry a little.  Because I'm really so sad that they're gone.  And Luke's napping.  I NEVER have a quiet house like this.  Target was going to save me, but it's really raining so I'm staying in.  That is until I have to hop in the rowboat and row past the wild gopher to get my boys :)  

Hope your kids had a GREAT 1st Day of School too!  I cannot wait to see these two and hear all about their days.  

This was yesterday morning... after the summer of the ZOO, it was only fitting that we spent our last day of summer there too {Jake's pretending to be a lion}.  

And this picture holds special meaning to me...
since I too was a Roadrunner all those years ago!  
Luke's waving to you :)


Lisa @ Flour Me With Love said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet! Not the dream, lol. I know what you're going littlest (of 4) went off to kindergarten this year and it's HARD! We too read the Kissing Hand and every day before he leaves he tells me: "don't forget to kiss my hand." Your kids are adorable!

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

So cute!!! 1st grade is so different than Kinder isn't it? Trevor's 1st grade teacher's favorite word was "procedure." =) But the kiddos rise to the occasion! I also ADORE Luke's 1st day sign and the tree tunnel!! Who wouldn't love to go to school like that every day?? I hope mommy has a great first day too!! xo

Jen said...

Woosh! What a day! Your boys ARE sweet, confident kids and they are going to do GREAT in their new schools! I'm trying to read the fine print on Luke's cute little sign - what does it say? Enjoy your nice, quiet (rainy? what?) day! :)

Amy said...

Your boys are just adorable!! And we looove the Kissing Hand. The cookies you made are too sweet. :) I'll have to remember that for when my little guy goes off to school. Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower {and I'm so glad you linked your yummy recipes to my party!} Have a great day!


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