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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Morning Farmer's Market

Yesterday we talked about going to the La Jolla Farmer's Market this morning and I told Ben that we had to get there between 9 & 11, because the crowds come at 11.  

So I was up and dressed at 8:45... 
we rolled in at 11 on the dot.  
Oh, boys! 

Held on the campus of La Jolla Elementary, it's packed full of fresh produce, gorgeous flowers, and lots of good samples. We tried cake pops, pineapple salsa, tamales, fruit, and "the best grapes in the world" according to Sam.  I told him they'd better be the world's best grapes since they were $4.25 a pound.  Jake got so into the habit of walking up to a booth and taking a free sample that he grabbed a raspberry out of a basket for sale and popped it in his mouth.  Whoops, but so cute!

There were also a bunch of vendors selling everything from adorable onesies to beautiful art {which was surprisingly more affordable than the darling onesies... go figure?} And since it's at a school, the boys loved running on the grass and swinging on the monkey bars.

I love those huge, long-stemmed sunflowers from the Farmer's Market.  Even though I know I can buy them at Fresh & Easy or Trader Joes, to me there's something special about getting them at a Farmer's Market.
What's your favorite Farmer's Market find?

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