Peek a Boo

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today was a hard day.

Nothing hugely bad happened.  It was just one of those days where I completed ignored my own tips for getting the house clean quickly so we could have fun... 

Pajamas stayed on until way too late in the day.
The dishwasher got emptied after lunch.  
Fun night time Sea World plans were cancelled.  
I yelled at my boys :(

We finally got outside to swim late in the afternoon, when something came up and we abruptly headed back inside so I could be responsible and handle adult stuff.  Of course the boys don't understand adult stuff yet.  They were just mad that I couldn't jump in the pool and play Pirates of the Caribbean with them.  I didn't really know what they meant, but I had promised I'd play it with them.  Even though I'd been assigned to be the "bad Captain Jack Sparrow without a hat."  They've never seen the movies so I don't know if they even know what they're talking about, but they had plans and I ruined them.

Seriously, even opening the front door and seeing this arrive did little to cheer me up.

But then I downloaded a few pictures I took yesterday.  The boys and I were at our old "no fun, no pool house" wrapping up a few odds and ends.  I figured it's most likely their last time at that house- a house that felt like home and brought us a million good memories during the six and a half years we lived there.  But honestly, moving on is a good thing for us.  A great thing, really.  

So I snapped one last picture of the boys on the front {overgrown} lawn.  Actually I snapped about 10 pictures and this is the only one where they're all kind of smiling and looking in the general direction of the camera.  I can't blame them... it was 8,000 degrees outside there.

And then as they were trying to convince me to hit up the McDonald's drive-thru, I remembered how much fun it was to take them on this fancy lunch date, so I drove out of Ronald's parking lot and took them to Red Robin instead.  They were so cute and well-behaved, and it was much better than McDonald's.  Sam said he still prefers the dumpling Chinese place and Jake said he likes the zoo...?!

And on the drive home to "the pool house" we saw the most gorgeous sunset full of orange and pink clouds that seemed to glow.  Jake {in the most adorable 4-year old squeaky voice} asked if the sun was going to bed too.  Just as I said no and started to explain, the sun dipped behind a mountain.

"Oh, I know... it's just playing Peek a Boo!" {Jake}

"Yeah Buddy, you're right." {Me}

Don't you just wish you could be a kid again sometimes?  

So tonight after dinner, after we cleaned up the dishes,  the family room, and the boys bedroom {whoa, that timer trick worked like a charm tonight!} and it was their bedtime.  But it's summer vacation and I had promised them a game of Pirates of the Caribbean in the swimming pool.  So we headed out to the pool and I laughed like a kid again.  

And all my worries disappeared like the sun behind the clouds.  I'm sure those worries and insecurities I have will come back to play Peek a Boo sometimes still.  But really, as long as I have my sweet family,  I don't need to worry because I have everything I need in the world right in front of me.

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

loved your post, and could not agree more with the little things and your family making your day. Glad it all ended on a happy, laughing note! Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

You're the best mommy ever. ;)

Kelsey said...

Sounds like me and you had similar days yesterday :/ I just posted about it as well... but those kiddos are amazing for saying the most perfect things when we most need them, aren't they? Hope you had a better day today :)

Jennifer said...

Stupid adult stuff! But you didn't let it win in the end! Good job lady!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, beautiful post. I do a "little things" post every Friday and, today, started a link-up. You should link up this post. It's such a great read and reminds us to take a moment and be IN the moment!

Mama Parker said...

Sweetest post!


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